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In The Elder Scrolls Online, Woodworking is the crafting profession that allows players to craft bows, staffs and shields.  The Woodworking crafting system is similar to the ones of Blacksmithing and Clothing as it consists of five actions: Refine, Create, Improve, Deconstruct and Research.


Woodworking Woodworking1/9Allows the use of Sanded Maple wood.
KeenEyeWood Keen Eye: Wood1/3Wood in the world will be easier to see when you are 20 meters or closer.
LumberjackHireling Lumberjack Hireling1/3A lumberjack hireling will send you wood and possibly other items every day.
WoodExtraction Wood Extraction1/3Improves the chance of extracting Woodworking ingredients.
Carpentry Carpentry1/3Reduces research time by 5% and allows the research of two items at once.
ResinExpertise Resin Expertise1/3Increases the chance of improving items with resins.

In the end, you need to maximize the rank of all your Woodworking skills to master this profession. During early levels you can use Sanded Maple to craft items without spending any skill points in the Woodworking ability. If you’re having trouble spotting raw materials for gathering (wood blends pretty well into the scenery) you may want to also invest a skill point in the Keen Eye: Wood ability. It will make any kind of wood glow when you are 20 meters away or closer.

If you want to get a small share of woodworking mats every day without any effort from your part you can spend a skill point in the Lumberjack Hireling ability. The Hireling will automatically send you the mats via mail once every 24 hours.

Below, we will analyze each of the 5 tabs available in the Woodworking interface.


Here is where Raw materials are refined. The Raw mats can be found all over the world but you need at least 10 units of the same Raw material to refine it into crafting materials. While refining raw materials you also have a chance of receiving Resins (used to upgrade the quality of Woodworking items) and Weapon/Armor Trait materials, but you won’t get any Inspiration points from the process.

Woodworking Refined Materials

MaterialWood Working Rank
Sanded MapleSanded Maple
Sanded OakSanded Oak
Sanded BeechSanded Beech
Sanded HickorySanded Hickory
Sanded YewSanded Yew
Sanded BirchSanded Birch
Sanded AshSanded Ash
Sanded MahoganySanded Mahogany
Sanded NightwoodSanded Nightwood


ww creationThe Creation tab has 2 sections: One for Weapons (bows and staffs) and one for Apparel, in this case shields. Each weapon or shield created increases your Woodworking skill.
In order to create items you will need:

Materials – Sanded wood (the number you need increases with the item’s level)

Style – By default, you can craft Weapons and Shields in the style of your race, as long as you have the required Style materials. In order to craft other styles, you’ll need the knowledge of crafting in that style and the style material (you can learn how to craft other styles by learning Racial Motifs recipes which are scattered through the world inside containers or drop as loot from mobs). The Style only affects the look of the items.

Trait – With Traits you can add more stats/effects to the item. In order to apply a trait, you first need to research it (more about this in the Research section).


Weapon Styles

DaedraHeartDaedra Heart
Ancient Elf


ww improvement

Here you can upgrade your item’s quality and increase its basic stats. You can improve any type of item that you can craft, it doesn’t have to be crafted by you. So basically, you can upgrade an item, step by step, from one quality tier to the next. The improvement tiers are: Normal to Fine, Fine to Superior, Superior to Epic and Epic to Legendary.

In the table below you can see what materials you need to make the upgrades. These are called Resins and you can find them in world or by refining raw materials or deconstructing items. Using more Resins to improve an item, will increase the chances of success. If the improvement fails, you will lose the item and the Resins used in the process.

Note: In order to improve an item, you have to store it into your inventory or bank, you can’t have it equipped while you improve it.

Obviously higher-level Resins are harder to acquire than lower-level ones, so gathering enough Resins to maximize the success chance of upgrading an item to Epic or Legendary quality can be a lengthy process or an expensive one, should you decide to buy them from other players.

Woodworking Resins Materials

Blacksmithing TemperEffect
Improve quality from normal to fine
Improve quality from fine to superior
Improve quality from superior to epic
Improve quality from epic to legendary


In the related tab, you can break down the items (bows/staffs/shields) to gain skill experience or materials. This process will destroy the item, but it’s a great way to improve your profession and get back crafting materials and you also have a chance of receiving Style and Resin materials. You also receive experience in the Woodworking skill line when deconstructing items. Deconstructing items found in the world or crafted by someone else give significantly more experience than braking down the items you craft (this applies to the other crafting professions that have the option of deconstructing items crafted through them).


ww researchThis is the tab were you discover Traits (see tables below), effects/buffs you can apply to items you craft using adequate Trait materials. You can only research a Trait per item type.

In other words, if you research the Powered Trait for a staff, it won’t become available for bows. You need to research that Trait for each item you want to apply it on. Also, researching the Powered Trait (or any other Trait) for a bow, only becomes available when you have a bow with that Trait in your inventory or bank, which will be used in the research process and destroyed.

The first Trait you research for a specific item type takes 6 hours to complete and the time doubles for each new Trait you research (of the same item type). Without spending any skill points in the Carpentry skill, you can only research one Trait at a time. However, that skill reduces research time and lets you research Traits for multiple items at once.

Weapon Traits

MaterialWeapon TraitEffect
 ChysolitePoweredReduces cooldown of weapon enchantments by:
30%, 35%, 40%45%50%
 AmethystChargedIncreases enchantment charges by:
17%, 19%, 21%, 23%, 25%
 RubyPreciseIncreases weapon and spell critical values by:
2% 1H, 2% 1H, 3% 1H, 3% 1H, 4% 1H
3% 2H, 4% 2H, 5% 2H, 6% 2H, 7% 2H
 JadeInfusedIncreases weapon enchantment effect by:
13%, 16%, 19%22%25%
 TurquoiseDefendingIncreases total Armor and Spell Resistance by:
2% 1H, 3% 1H, 4% 1H, 5% 1H, 6% 1H
4% 2H, 6% 2H, 8% 2H, 10% 2H, 12% 2H
 CarnelianTrainingIncreases weapon skill line experience by:
11% 1H, 12% 1H, 13% 1H, 14% 1H, 15% 1H
22% 2H, 24% 2H, 26% 2H, 28% 2H, 30% 2H
 Fire OpalSharpenedIncreases Armor and Spell Penetration by:
3% 1H, 4% 1H, 5% 1H, 6% 1H, 7% 1H
6% 2H, 8% 2H, 10% 2H, 12% 2H, 14% 2H
 CitrineWeightedIncreases weapon attack speed by:
2% 1H, 3% 1H, 4% 1H, 5% 1H, 6% 1H
4% 2H, 6% 2H, 8% 2H, 10% 2H, 12% 2H

Armor Traits

MaterialArmor TraitEffect
 QuartzSturdyChance to avoid decay when defeated by:
22%, 24%, 26%, 28%, 30%
 DiamondImpenetrableIncreases resistance to critical hits by:
60, 70, 80, 90, 100
 SardonyxReinforcedIncreases total Armor and Spell Resistance by:
4%, 5%, 6%, 7%, 8%
 AlmandineWell-FittedReduces the cost of sprinting by:
2%, 2%, 2%, 3%, 3%
 EmeraldTrainingIncreases armor skill line experience by:
6%, 7%, 8%, 9%, 10%
 BloodstoneInfusedIncreases armor enchantment effect by:
8%, 11%, 14%, 17%, 20%
 GarnetExplorationIncreases Exploration experience by:
6%, 7%, 8%, 9%, 10%
 SapphireDivinesIncreases Mundus Stone effects by:
4%, 5%, 6%, 7%, 8%
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