Update: The new ESO Beta Application Form


es0-beta-applicationAs some of you probably know by now, Zenimax has slightly changed the application page for the Elder Scrolls Online Beta test, making it simpler and more straightforward. There’s no need to submit your hardware configuration anymore and you can now opt-in for your ESO platform(s) via check boxes. While this is good news for new applicants, what happens with those that already applied for the Beta test before the new form was launched?

This question popped up alot lately and we decided to email Zenimax and find out directly from the source. The response came fast and they were kind enough to clarify this problem: you don’t have to apply again for the Beta Test (if you did already in the past), but even if you do, your application won’t be pushed at the back of the queue. Long story short, if any of you old applicants want to opt in for the console beta, you can do so with no problem whatsoever.

To apply, change your application information or opt in for console beta, you just need to choose your country of residence, full name, email, date of birth and to choose on what ¬†platforms you intend on playing/testing Elder Scrolls Online. You can apply for the ESO’s Beta Test here.

I don’t know if they simplified the Beta application to ease up the process for the console players but there’s alot of controversy around this issue. What do you think, do you like this change or is this a sign of things to come?


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