Upcoming Patch Highlights & Updates


Zenimax just released a patch road map for the upcoming weeks and it’s interesting to see what changes are they considering/implementing in the upcoming patches.

Posted By: Jessica Folsom

We’ll be pushing a new patch during our regularly scheduled maintenance time tomorrow. The full patch notes will be available during the maintenance period, but we wanted to share the highlights with you now since they were a direct result of your feedback:

  • We have fixed issues with several quests that were blocking main quest progression. Those include Crossing the Chasm, Castle of the Worm, and The Army of Meridia.
  • We have fixed the issue with Liberation of Northpoint. The quest is now completable.
  • We have fixed several issues with Banished Cells that were making it uncompletable.
  • We have made many other quest fixes.
  • We have implemented many new things to thwart gold farmers, spammers, and botters.

In-Progress Updates
In addition to the fixes going live tomorrow, we want to give you a status update on some of the other hot issues we’re working on.

Missing Bank Slots, Stored Bank Items, and Skill Points – We’re continuing to investigate the issue, and are working on a fix now. As soon as the fix is ready, we will push it out to the live megaservers. Please note: This may result in a second maintenance this week and when we do push the fix, it will not be retroactive. Know that we want to make this right for all impacted—we’re still exploring options to help those who have stored items/gold, and bank slots go missing.

Long Loading Times/Social Lag – Some people have been experiencing long loading times, guild chat lag, and other social systems lag, especially during peak times. We are aware of this and are actively investigating it. As soon as we have a fix, we will push it live.

Dungeon Treasure Chests – Based on feedback, we are changing treasure chests in instanced dungeons so that everyone gets a piece of loot regardless of who opens the chest. This change is currently being implemented and tested internally and will be released in a future patch as soon as it’s ready. Watch the patch notes for the news.

Public Dungeon & Delve Boss Monsters – Also based on feedback, we will be placing a timer on how often you can get loot from public dungeon and delve boss monsters. This timer is shared across all boss monsters in public dungeons and delves. This will not impact loot timers for quest-specific monsters or overworld group bosses. Watch the patch notes for news on when this change will go live.

Thank you for continuing to share your feedback and concerns with us. We’ll continue to read and listen, and update you on known issues and their status.

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  • James65807

    I saw your signature and was wondering where I can make a signature like the one you have?

  • Bowstripe

    That's because us guildies are polite 😉 But it's true, it's a problem.

    I would love for them to fix that Cyrodiil large group lag we have! *dreams*

  • Tigorus

    Actually the timer is only for looting the public dungeon boss. It's not a spawning timer. This is understandable since you can spam loot blues every 30 secs. to a minute.

  • stevenonce

    Wait, wait, wait, a timer on public dungeon bosses?! How often does it reset?! Through Rivenspire, I did the zone, and went back and did all the dungeons as I was finishing up! It's easier for me, since I hate stopping my questing to run over to a public dungeon and finishing it up. I usually just discover it, and come back later. Guess it's time to go grumble on the main forums….

  • EpicTrance

    What about the Eidetic Memory being bugged. WE NEED THAT FIX!!!