The Lore Archives: The Void



We continue the Lore Archives series with a new chapter, The Void, written and compiled by our own @Laz.

Baar Dau… Also known as the Ministry of Truth, and, Lie Rock was a celestial rock which hovered above the city of Vivec. According to legend, Baar Dau was flung from the Void by Sheogorath or its own preconceived malevolence. With the fate of Vivec City’s destruction decided… it was prevented. The god Vivec himself, allowing it to remain hovering above the High Fane so that if the people of the city ever ceased to love him, Baar Dau would strike the city with its fierce and original decent.
Thus the Red Year happened.

For those who missed out the first episode, you can listen to it here.

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  • Lenthenomeal

    Much better volume mix lvls, not sure if its a different track or if you lowered it intentionally.

    as well I noticed that you slowed down your speech a bit makes it a lot easier to hear.

  • Laz

    This was just a monologue. It was supposed to be a simple tale of the entire universe of the Elder Scrolls.

  • tesy

    pretty nice, but I must ask, where is the rest of the cast?