The Lore Archives: The Red Year (Morrowind)



It’s universally known that Elder Scrolls has one of the most fascinating and rich universe out there, and if you played Arena and/or Daggerfall through Morrowind and up-to Skyrim, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about. Our own @LazΒ andΒ @Garbrac, heavily scared by Tamriel’s stories, decided to assemble a small group of Loremasters and bring you guys the first episode of The Lore Archives: The Red Year (Morrowind).

Without no further delay, here are our Loremasters and their respective roles in this chapter:

@Laz: Melis Ravel and Deros Dran
@Garbrac: Drallin Vess
@Lilena: Neria Relethyl
@LatinLegacy: Saldus Llervu

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As always, your feedback is very valuable and being the first episode, we’d love to know what you think.

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  • Lenthenomeal

    I enjoyed it and if you would like i can look up some free software that would help with audio lvls

  • Laz

    1. I'm using Audacity and Audacity alone. No super expensive programs or anything.

    2. I asked my "talent" to use Audacity to record and export the files into .mp3, but I'm pretty sure they all didn't do this.

    3. I just had them read it. I'm not too concerned with quality at this point.

    I appreciate the feedback, though this isn't meant to be 100% super serious. I just thought it would be a good idea to get the community involved.

  • Lenthenomeal

    Also thought accrued to me after reading the rest of the posts I might be able to help with some of the mic problems via tips on recording and mic volumes (most often the problem with static is either bad mic or recording at to high of lvl/with to much gain

  • Lenthenomeal

    First I would like to start by saying I think this is awesome, and secondly I would like to state that everything that I say after this can be taken with a grain of salt as it is just some input I would like to share from just having listened to this, And thirdly I am a multimedia/theater major and have gotten to do some acting and sound recording myself (though I am in no way as of yet a pro but know how difficult some of this can be).

    A couple of questions came to my mind when started listening.

    1. what is the software that you are using to composite the audio (this would make a difference as to what you can do as far as editing, and I might be able to recommend one that might make your life easier as well as giving a more uniform sound/feel)

    2. how did you have your talent record and send you the files (again sending this after just listening will be reading more about it and listening to the rest of what has been made after i write this)

    3. did you have the talent do a couple of read through-es or just have them record it straight through from reading ( I would recommend and you might have done this, pre reading and doing some acting as though either being there or recalling the events. as a lot of voice actors do this)

    And now some notes I know that the sound files aren't all being made with the same equipment ( I can tell by some of the audio files quality and this can be helped much without the proper software and taking some extra time but is not needed)
    my point is though that I had to change my volume a few times to hear what was being said and as a rule of thumb one should try to make the volume uniform and there are some tricks to doing so.

    second there where a few points that the background music got a bit loud and it made it hard to hear some of the words.

    and third some of the reading got a tad slurred from talking to fast, I do this sometimes as well when repeating lines and it can make it hard to understand, the key is to enunciate and practice the line slowly deliberately saying all the syllables, also sometimes talking a bit louder/projecting really helps.

    Just a few notes as constructive criticism. I now go to listen to the rest of this and read more about it, and might even join in myself if i find a part that seems to be calling to me.
    I will have this post notify me so that anyone who feels that this info is incorrect can let me know so I can go over it again and tweak the words to make it seem right πŸ˜‰
    I would love to hear what others think about what I said and look forward to the rest of this project if anyone wants to know more about what I wrote shoot some questions my way would love to help.

  • Hexipox

    God guys n' girl this sounds really good – Its really hard to catch your audiance when it comes to voice only. You did well, and i've heard my share of audiobooks. Brilliant work.

    You wont get to hear my Danish/English πŸ™‚ unless you need someone to sound like a demented gnome, I would probably be a good choice – haha.

    Thumbs up for you'll this was good. I liked it!

  • brebenel

    That’s really nice, how did you guys come up with this fine idea? πŸ˜€ Being the first episode, I can’t really complain but I would love for a more crisp quality sound in the future. I always take some podcasts on my iPhone when jogging and this series will serve me well. Lilena has a nice voice but it’s a shame her mic quality is that bad.

    Anyway, keep it up guys πŸ˜‰

  • Kyra

    Pretty neat idea, one question tho, why start with this chapter? You guys take it from here or it’s just random?

  • Laz

    We can’t control every single aspect of a readers microphone and we’re all spread quite far apart. What ever they have is what will work. In future works this will be considered though.

  • gizmo

    That’s actually a great listen, I would love to get more of this, makes my metro rides a lot shorter πŸ˜‰

    One thing tho, I noticed that the quality is not that good for some readers, any chance of fixing that in future releases?