TESO Elite Screenshot Contest


Hello Teso Elite Community,

Once again we are writing a message to inform you of an awesome contest we’re holding, one that should never end. So if you do not win right away, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to win.

Screenshot_20140404_193119Contest Details

It is a screenshot contest. This will be held and run every week. We’ll create a post in the forums with the start and end date for that week’s contest. You will submit a screenshot in that post. The post with the most likes will be deemed the winner. The contest will run from Sunday to Saturday each week. Starting April 20th.


Five Elite Gold and no limit to how many times you can win. Your screenshot will also be used in the TESO Elite Calendar.

What Type Of Screenshot

It can be any type of screenshot, remember it is the community members that will be voting you the winner, not any one person.  We’ll be taking the winning screenshot and creating TESO Elite Calendars, with a new calendar version being released every three months.


All members of TESO Elite community are eligible for this contest. As all voting is done by the community and not the staff, all members, including staff are allowed to submit screenshots and win.


All screenshots need to be taken with the UI off. To turn off your UI, you’ll need to hit ESC once you’re in game. Go to Controls and click on Keybindings. You’ll then scroll down about half way and you’ll see one that says “UI On/Off” most likely it will be “Not Bound” but you can just click on it and add a new key.

Keybindings and Ultra Graphic Settings

Ideally you’ll want your graphics settings be set to Ultra for the screenshot. You can reduce the settings after the screenshot is taken if you are unable to play the game at Ultra settings.

Submitting a Screenshot

We will have a specific thread for you to post your screenshots in. It will be labelled with the week of the contest and the day it starts and ends.

In order to assist in not overloading the servers bandwidth we ask that you convert your screenshots to JPEG before uploading them. However, KEEP the original as if you are the winner we will ask for the higher quality file (the BMP file) to use in the calendar. There are many ways of converting the file from BMP to JPEG, the easiest is to open the screenshot in MSPAINT and go to File > Save As. Then save it as a JPEG/JPG.

  • Once you’re in the correct thread, click on Upload a File, located right below where you’d be typing your reply to a post.


  • Find the file you wish to upload. Typically they are stored in the ESO directly. If you’re playing on the NA servers, the default location is C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\Screenshots. If you’re on the EU servers the default location is C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\liveeu\Screenshots
  • Once the image is uploaded you’ll be presented with two new buttons, Thumbnail or Full Image. Click on Full Image. This will place your image directly into the post so others can fully enjoy your screenshot.
  • Once the image is placed into the post, click post reply, and tell your friends to vote on your screenshot!


  • You may only submit one(1) screenshot per week.
  • You can not submit a screenshot that has been submitted in a previous weeks contest
  • Absolutely no image editing is allowed. The screenshot must be 100% genuine with no alterations.
  • You must have been the one to take the screenshot. This means no googling and taking images from the internet.
  • All screenshots must be from The Elder Scrolls Online LIVE server, no test server screenshots.
  • Most important rule is to HAVE FUN with your screenshots.


What To Remember When Taking A Screenshot

A good screenshot is all based on view, location, and lighting. Before you take your screenshot take into account some of the following.

  • Is there a higher/lower view this can be taken from?
  • Does the view capture more of an idea of what is going on? Is there a specific scene in the screenshot going on? A fight? Ritual?
  • Can the person looking at it grasp what they are seeing from the start?
  • Will the person actually be able to tell what they are looking at?

Some tips on getting the best QUALITY screenshot…

  • Set graphics to the max the game allows. This means going in settings and putting shadows, water, textures, the whole lot of it to its highest setting.
  • Maximize your resolution! This allows for every little detail to pop up and give you the best looking screenshot possible. If the resolution is to low it will look blocky, blurry, and sloppy.
  • POV (Point of View) is a large aspect to a good screenshot. Does the screenshot look better from First Person view? or does it look best with a character in it? For more scenery shots, first person view would be ideal. Unless you’re trying to portray some form of emotion, than using the character could be your best solution. But remember, art is in the eye of the beholder 🙂

Whether it’s your first screenshot or your 50th screenshot, always take more than one. Don’t sit there and think “this is the best one!” right from the start. There are multiple angles, different lighting, and different shadows. There is a lot to consider when you are looking to grab exactly what you felt when you saw it for the first time.

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  • Faentomet

    Any chance you'd share your settings?
    I have tried a few different types, but all seem overdone.

    And yes, I'm a tad lazy to turn the game on and off 20 times to check\uncheck all the boxes :p

  • You might want to include a section in the rules for those of us using SweetFX (RadeonPro integration). I would assume it's allowed, but because I can only assume it probably needs to be officially stated.

  • baldylox

    Save time and effort
    1. Locate UserSettings text file in My Documents.(C:\Users\_____\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live)
    2. Open the text document.
    3. Press Ctrl + F to bring up a search function.
    4. Type "ScreenshotFormat" and then click Next. You should now see a line that reads: SET ScreenshotFormat "BMP"
    5. Change "BMP" to "JPG", with the quotes intact.
    6. Save

    Bingo. My screenings are usually under 200k as well.

  • Shelleg3s

    There have been so many beautiful places to screenshot, only if I knew how to take a screenshot =/

  • Isende


  • Kokopele

    I already have a few places in mind!

  • stevenonce

    Sweet! I took an awesome landscape photo in a public dungeon I discovered today. I'll just go ahead and use it for this…. 😛