TESO Elite Podcast Episode 8



Cast will be @Garbrac, @Keihndeth, @Dr_Chainsaw, @SaintOfMirren

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  • Show Intro
  • Staff Introductions + What have you been up this last week
  • Hot Topics of the week
    • “Ex” ZOS Employee Troll Post
    • Patch 1.0.5
    • ZOS Ability to patch often and listen to our feedback.
    • Veteran Content – Going from level 45+ style mobs and mechanics to newbie area mechanics. Lack Luster?
    • Losing its Hype? – There is a lot of promised content, but the content we have is lacking in PvE and PvP getting stale already?
    • Is the Immersion the only thing keeping active players active?
    • Emperor. WTF OP!!!???
  • Build of the Week (Suggested by Shenten_Wolf on Twitter) – idea for build (kinda what im doing so I wanna compare) Dawns wrath Templar w 2hander group spec
  • Shameless Plugs
  • Outro

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  • RedSatyr

    About the alts, I don't mind having to play the story again. I don't make multiple characters for the story really, I make them for the different play styles. For the most part anyway. Also, as far as the story goes, when there's choices I'll pick different options that I didn't go for last time. For a TES game made as an MMO, I think it's been done just fine. Sure, it could have been better, but I don't think it's bad the way it is.

  • ReechAround

    that is great news. i also use podcast addict,( i listen while im a work) looking forward episode 7 and 8 once they are uploaded.

  • Garbrac

    Updated to have the recorded version

  • Mezhuggah

    Hey! I live in Sweden so sometimes i cant watch your great show live! I have an app on my android called podcast addict, I can listen to your shows there or atleast i use to be able to do that. Your last 2 shows havent been able to find there. Are you doing something different on your last 2 shows when it comes to spreading them on the net? anyways just curious. Thx