TESO Elite Podcast Episode 7



Cast will be @Garbrac, @Asuna, @Dr_Chainsaw, @SaintOfMirren

The show will be Tuesday April 15th at 9:00pm EDT (-4:00 GMT)

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[youtube id=”q_GkAvtyFl4″ width=”740″ height=”450″]

  • Show Intro
  • Staff Introductions + What have you been up this last week
  • Hot Topics of the week
    • Ban Hammer – ESO bans thousands of accounts
    • Lingering Launch Issues – Load Times / Bugged Quests preventing progression
    • ESO Priorities
    • Guild Functions – Too Limiting? What is the Future of Guilds in ESO? Hidden Guild features in the API?
  • No Build of The Week (If you have a suggestion for next week, please let us know)
  • ESO Role Discussion – Tanks – How important are Tanks in ESO?, Do you require a tank for all group content?, Do you need multiple tanks for Craglorn? Anything and Everything Tank.
  • Q&A – Anything to do with Tanks.
  • Shameless Plugs
  • Outro
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  • Komakino

    when will you release the podcast in iTunes?

  • Montez

    Is the episode up on itunes yet???

  • Garbrac

    Updated, @Asuna will be joining us.