TESO Elite Podcast Episode 12 – Surprisiode



Cast will be @Garbrac, @Keihndeth, @Dr_Chainsaw, @Cruxio

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The show will be Tuesday May 27th at 9:00pm EDT (-4:00 GMT)

  • Show Intro
  • Staff Introductions + What have you been up this last week
  • Hot Topics of the week
    • CRAGLORN!!!
    • Nightblade’s Lack of Group Viability
    • Trials – Too Short?
    • Zenimax – Communication, or lack of at times.
    • Customer Support – Could it be better?”
  • Shameless Plugs
  • Outro


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  • … but the big trial and the small trial were added at the same time. If they do that every 3-4 months, are you saying that you wouldn't be satisfied with that?

  • @Valdez Right. My point, however, was that if new Trials come out every 3 or 4 months you're going to have a hard time getting tired of that tier of content because at best you'll have run it 16 times. Now compare that to WoWs last raid patch that will have been out for over a year before Warlords of Draenor and compare the amount of content. Make sense?

  • Valdez

    Keihn, getting content every 3-4 months is great and all. However I really don't think Min-Maxers will be running the older ones anymore. Because if things continue progressing up new tiers, chances are the old tiers will be forgotten by people that have already done them.

    Now, my opinion about the timed thing is that I think the 10m trial is too short. Yes, I understand it is a different dynamic but if they are only releasing one of them every 3-4 months that you can do every day. That will just get burnt out so fast and people will grow tired of it faster and faster. I mean who wants to run the exact same trial every single day. That just gets old. If they had 3-5 of them and you could pick one of them to do each day. Sure, that would be ideal.

    Now for the big trial, my question is, how long does it take the average group. Another thing is how many bosses are there in each of these? I haven't played them myself. But in my opinion, about 3-4 bosses should take an hour for an average group. Maybe slightly longer than an hour. So if they are only 3-4 bosses for the long one. Well that would be fine in my opinion.

    Now this is all entirely dependent upon the fact that any new content being a higher tier of gear. If it becomes the same tier for a little while, say like 2-3 of these patches worth of content, then it changes everything.

    Just my thoughts guys.