TESO Elite Podcast Episode 10 – PVP /w SPECIAL GUEST!!!!



It will seem like we have a small show tonight, but trust me we don’t. Our primary focus for this week’s podcast is PvP. The Systems and Mechanics that it involves.

We also have a special guest tonight, Lead PvP Designer Brian Wheeler. He will be joining us for our PvP Discussion.  Jessica Folsom and Gina Bruno two of Zenimax’s finest Community Managers, may also be in the twitch chat discussing topics.

Cast will be @Garbrac, @Keihndeth, @Dr_Chainsaw, @Cruxio

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During the show we the amazing company of two of the greatest community managers Jessica Folsom and Gina Bruno in chat. They took the opportunity to answer the questions our Twitch Chat was asking. Here is a compiled list of those questions and answers. (Special thanks to @Avalonfaye for saving the twitch chat)
Channeltribes: Will they nerf bash-.-

Zos_jessica_folsom: In a way, yes, Channel.
Zos_jessica_folsom: There is a bug. A fix will be coming soon.
Zos_jessica_folsom: The fix is in testing now.

Ftcsubs: Q; what about emperors taking on 50 people for 10 minutes, was the changes in vampire helping out with them being so OP. it also seems people who have certinbuilds also can have 15 people attacking them and not dying. but there is also how is making changes in PVP mechanics going to change PVE environment

Zos_jessica_folsom: Ftcsubs – We’re always keeping a close eye on balance, but it’s a bit trickier than saying it’s simply the Emperor skill line. As you guessed, sometimes it’s a specific combination of skills — add into that being an Emperor whose alliance owns all the Elder Scrolls, and we’ve seen exactly what you’re describing.
Zos_jessica_folsom: Long answer, sorry. In short, yes, we’re keeping an eye on build balance, including those that are used in sync with Emperor skills.

Darlingdan01: emperor its self isn’t that OP is just a combination of stuff

Zos_jessica_folsom: Right, Darlingdan.

Sofa_kin6: any console beta info? ANYONE???

Zos_jessica_folsom: Sofa, we will have some console news to share very soon. We know all our console fans are eager to hear what’s going on.

Channeltribes: I’m confused how you will fix people holding block and using bash all of the time? It’s dominating PvP- at least bats isn’t now.. And are you nerfing bolt escape?

Zos_jessica_folsom: Channel – We’re looking at Bolt Escape also, but changing any skill is something we do with care. We don’t just listen to player feedback, we look at in-game data reports as well.

Lord_toki: ok so next question. Archeage is standing over you so hard right now. And that is f2p. When will eso be f2p. No copy pasterino

Zos_jessica_folsom: Lord_toki – Currently we do not have plans to make ESO free-to-play.
Zos_jessica_folsom: That’s the truth of it.

Xboxone_neon_synthesis: Jess will there be console news this month?

Zos_jessica_folsom: Xboxone – Should be some sort of news this month, yes.

Lostinshadowz: I would like to know what is killing me sometimes. How can we scale or balance anything if we dont know what is hitting us. I was getting hit for 800 damage on some things and dont know if it was siege equipment or what…

Zos_jessica_folsom: Lost – We’re implementing a Death Recap system that should help.

Juangonzo: What about Housing? Has there been said something about that? is it included?

Zos_jessica_folsom: We’ve talked about it publicly a bit, Juan. It’s something we want to do, but we want to take the time to really do it right.

Zos_jessica_folsom: You bet. Just keep an eye on elderscrollsonline.com or our social media channels. That’s where the news will be.

Zos_gina_bruno: Alliance stickers would be awesome

Zos_gina_bruno: Blackhorde, there’s some really nice alliance shirts on the Bethesda store. I’d link it, but I’ll get yelled at >.< (Referring to Nightbot)
Dr_chainsaw: ESO T-Shirt: http://store.bethsoft.com/apparel/tshirts.html
Zos_gina_bruno: Thanks Dr Chainsaw

Zos_gina_bruno: I stopped playing Skyrim after Brian got ahold of my game, threw all my character’s clothes away, and started killing an entire town.

Twitchmage001: hey that’s brian wheeler

Zos_jessica_folsom: He totally is.
Twitchmage001: THIS IS EPIC !

Zos_gina_bruno: Thanks guys, this was a great podcast!

Zos_jessica_folsom: Thanks, folks. I’ll follow up with Garbrac after this, but if anyone on the TESO Elite team sees a question on the TESO Elite forums that would be good for us to pop in and provide clarification on, please don’t be afraid to ping Gina or I.

Zos_jessica_folsom: Love that animated logo.

Zos_jessica_folsom: Thanks all. G’nite! See you in-game!

Zos_gina_bruno: Thanks all, have a great night.

Zos_brian_wheeler: Back to killing online! See you guys and gals in Cyrodiil =)
Zos_brian_wheeler: Thanks for coming out!

The show will be Tuesday May 6th at 9:00pm EDT (-4:00 GMT)

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    Updated again to include the Q&A that happened in Twitch Chat last night.

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