TESO Elite Podcast 3 – 0RG4N1C and Keihndeth is Chained in Garbrac’s Basement!


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Back by popular demand: Episode 3!

In this week’s episode, the cast discusses:

  • Beta Weekend Recap
  • Hot Forum Topics
  • Cash Shop in ESO. (OMG you can buy a horse, the game is ruined)
  • Spending Skill points in Crafting vs Dedicated Crafting Alt
  • Matt Firor’s – The Road Ahead
  • Pete Hines discussing Subscriptions
  • Build of the Week (Glass Canon Pure DPS)
  • Q&A – Topic: Guilds & level 20-30 content
  • Giveaway: Special thanks to our anonymous community member for donating a digital Imperial Edition!

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Note: This was previously recorded.  Check us out live every Tuesday at 9pm EST on Twitch.tv/Tesoelite
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  • Mezhuggah

    btw where do i follow the pod live? Here on the site or youtube or what? Watched and listened to the 3 first after they where broadcasted..sry to bother and thx in advance. Gonna follow the next one live, its 2 a.m swedish time so i can do that if you tell me where. Thanks

  • Mezhuggah

    when is next pod available? gj btw 😀

  • Bad idea vexx… I'd eat ALL the cheesy poofs.

  • vexx

    Keihn for president!