Starting Experience Revamp and Collision Detection


If there is one thing Zenimax Online Studios has done exceptionally well, it is listening to their testers and the reviews they’ve been give. Two weeks ago, Zenimax removed the NDA for Press and community members allowing them to discuss their impressions and concerns for The Elder Scrolls Online.

Even though the reviews and impressions were mixed feelings there was two specific areas of ESO that everyone was agreeing on. The starter areas didn’t feel like an Elder Scrolls game, the game doesn’t really open up until level 10, and the armour was painted on.


Not much has happened in regards to the armour but the overall starting experience has completely changed. As of the most recent beta build players will now leave Coldharbour and be placed in their faction’s capital city. Allowing you to experience the freedom of being able to explore the world of Tamriel without being locked into doing quests on a small island.

Those starting islands are still available and still have quests and skyshards on them, but they are now optional areas for you to explore if you choose to.

l9JA8Another great addition to the beta build is help get fully immersed into the world is NPC Collision detection. No longer will you just run through NPCs in the world, as if they weren’t even there. They are part of the world just as you are.

New Post-Tutorial Experience

In order to give new characters more freedom of choice, we’ve made a change to the way that characters move between the early zones. With this change, after you complete the tutorial and escape from Coldharbour, you will now arrive in the starting city for your alliance. You will have the option to visit the original starting areas, or just go forth and start adventuring immediately. Content in and around each of these cities has been adjusted to be more easily performed by characters of levels 3-6.

Aldmeri Dominion

  • New characters leaving Coldharbour will now arrive in Vulkhel Guard instead of Khenarthi’s Roost. Razum-dar will be waiting for you in Eagle’s Strand when you take the quest Storm on the Horizon from Captain Tremouille.
  • There is now a ship that will ferry you to Khenarthi’s Roost from Vulkhel Guard.

Daggerfall Covenant

  • New characters leaving Coldharbor now arrive in Daggerfall instead of Stros M’Kai. Kaleen will be waiting for you in Port Hunding when you take “The Broken Spearhead” from Mihayya.
  • There is now a ship that will ferry you to Stros M’Kai from Daggerfall.

Ebonheart Pact

  • New characters leaving Coldharbor now arrive in Davon’s Watch instead of Bleakrock. Rana will be waiting for you in Bleakrock when you take “A Beginning at Bleakrock” from Riurik.
  • There is now a ship that will ferry you to Bleakrock from Davon’s Watch.

NPC Collision

In order to make the world feel more substantial, you will now collide with NPCs, including collision with NPCs in combat. We’d appreciate everyone’s feedback about how this changes the way the world – and especially combat – feel, and of course any bugs you find with this new feature. Please note that this will not affect PvP combat with other players; collision is only on NPCs

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  • Grayson

    I applaud ZOS for listening and responding to their testers, and I'm excited as hell to see the new starting areas.