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In ESO, players have a lot of freedom in mixing and matching their armor to suit their playstyle. Item sets can further increase a character’s power since wearing a certain number of items from the same set grants players additional bonuses. In-game you can find three types of item sets: craftable sets – which can be made at special crafting stations; dropped sets – you can find items from these sets as loot in the world, in chests or from killing mobs and bosses; PvP sets – some of these set items can be purchased from PvP vendors in Cyrodiil using Alliance Points (AP), while others you can receive as random loot from PvP reward bags, also purchasable using AP.

There is no special PvP stat in The Elder Scrolls Online, but the bonuses you get for wearing one or more PvP sets are designed to help you while fighting against other players. Reduced damage taken from other players and reduced cost for breaking out of crowd control effects are two such examples of PvP set bonuses. The lack of a PvP stat also makes PvE gear viable in PvP as well as combining PvE and PvP gear to your liking.

For each type of armor, there are 3 sets available that can be purchased directly from PvP vendors in Cyrodiil using AP, one for Veteran Rank 1, one for Veteran Rank 6 and another one for Veteran Rank 10. There are other sets for which you can directly buy only 1-2 items, mostly Jewlery (Neck and Rings), while the rest of the set items you can get as random drops from PvP reward bags, which you can also buy from PvP vendors with AP.

All of these items are Bind on Equip so theoretically you can also acquire them from other players willing to spend their AP in your favor. Since the loot from the reward bags is random, there’s a chance you won’t need some of the item(s) you get from these bags and you’ll have spent your precious AP for nothing. Nevertheless, the PvP set items are BoE, so you have the chance of trading the items you don’t need with other players.

Light Armor PvP Sets

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Medium Armor PvP Sets

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Heavy Armor PvP Sets

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Weapon & Accessories PvP Sets

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