PTS Patch Notes 1.3.2


Posted By: Gina Bruno


The Elder Scrolls Online v1.3.2 features additional fixes to gameplay, dungeons, and quests. We have also introduced a temporary low-cost skill and stat point respec to prepare for Update 3 going live.


Combat & Gameplay

  • The cost to respec has been reduced to 1 gold per skill point or stat point. Note that this is a temporary change to prepare for Update 3 to go live, and is not permanent.



  • Shadowy Disguise (Shadow Cloak morph): Fixed an issue where Rank4 of this ability was not increasing the critical strike rating with spells.


Dawn’s Wrath

  • Fixed an issue where Backlash Rank III wasn’t dealing any damage.


Destruction Staff

  • Fire Clench: This ability can no longer knock another player character back multiple times when it is used in rapid succession.


Orc Racial Passives

  • Swift Rank 3: This passive now provides the correct increase in damage to charge attacks, which is 6% instead of 2%.

Nord Racial Passives

  • Rugged: This passive now correctly decreases damage taken instead of increasing damage taken.
  • Crafting & Economy

    • You will now gain inspiration when deconstructing Veteran Rank 11 and 12 Glyphs.


    • You can now acquire, learn, and craft the recipe Consummate Steak Soup.

    Dungeons & Group Content

    • Blackheart Haven
      • Fixed an issue where you could find yourself outside of the playable area by swimming underneath a wall.
    • Selene’s Web
      • Fixed an issue where you would become desynced after logging out.

    Public Dungeons

    • Bad Man’s Hallows
      • You no longer need to be on a quest to enter this public dungeon.


    • Hel Ra Citadel
      • Healing abilities will no longer target statues in Hel Ra Citadel.

    Veteran Dungeons

    • Veteran Banished Cells
      • Keeper Imiril will no longer respawn after she is killed.

    Exploration & Itemization

    • Auriel’s Shield: This item set no longer creates a damage shield when you damage yourself with abilities such as Equilibrium.
    • Eagle Eye: The tooltip for this item set no longer states that it increases the range of the ability Arrow Spray.
    • Glyph of Rage: This item is now increased by the weapon trait Infused.
    • Song of Lamae: This item set can now critically strike.
    • Stygian: Fixed an issue where this item set wasn’t providing a 20% damage increase.
    • Twin Sisters: The proc for this item set now ignores armor.

    Alik’r Desert

    • Motalion Necropolis: You will now be able to use the door after defeating the wave event without having to relog.


    • A Hostile Situation: You will now be able to advance this quest, even if you die to Captain Astranya multiple times.


    • The Endless War: You will now be able to sprint after placing seeds on the Heritance corpses without breaking the quest.


    • Forgotten Soul: Adjusted the level of The Guardian of Root Sunder to level 18 in order to match the level of the quest.


    • Woodhearth: You will no longer be teleported to the wrong area if you attempt to travel to another player character in the Imperial Underground.

    Mages Guild

    • Simply Misplaced: You will no longer lose the General’s Essence if you die before activating the spider or scorpion seals.

    Malabal Tor

    • Brothers and Bandits: Adjusted the level of this quest to level 37 to match the dungeon and difficulty.

    Reaper’s March

    • The First Step: You will no longer be blocked from advancing this quest if you leave the temple during the cleansing ceremony.


    • Protecting the Hall: You will no longer be blocked if you kill the monsters too quickly on the quest step “Defend the Hall.”
    • The Wizard’s Tome: You can now complete this quest if it was granted as a shared quest from another player character.

    The Rift

    • Geirmund’s Hall: Fixed an issue where your progress would be blocked if you ran too far away from the bridge on the quest step “Escort Jakaral to the Bridge.”


    • Fixed an issue with the dialog options while talking with the Quartermaster about inspecting a keep.
    • Fixed an issue where some Points of Interest would remain on the compass when you left an area and later returned.
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