PTS Opening for ALL


Well looks like the PTS will finally be opening it’s doors to the entire ESO community that is supporting ESO with an active account.

Posted By: author We’re bringing the PTS down today at 3:30 PM EDT to begin preparation for the next testing cycle. As part of the maintenance, all PTS characters will be wiped and we’ll be configuring the server so that everyone with an active ESO account will be able to test on the PTS in the future. We’ll let you know when it comes back up with new features and content. Thanks for all your help testing—we’re looking forward to more of your feedback!


Posted By: Gina Bruno We’re happy to announce that the Public Test Server (PTS) is now available to everyone with an active subscription! The PTS allows you to test new systems and areas, and provide vital feedback before we launch them to the live server. To download the PTS, just open your launcher and go to the Settings, then select “Show Public Test Environment.” The PTS will automatically begin patching, and you’ll need to use the same UserID and password as you do with the live server to log in.

We have also opened a new subforum for PTS players to discuss the contents of the current content being tested, to report issues, and give feedback. Please note that like the PTS, this subforum is International and we welcome English, German, and French discussions.

We’ve posted the PTS Patch Notes for version 1.2.0 here, and look forward to your feedback for our new Veteran version of Crypt of Hearts, in addition to the other new features and fixes we’ve implemented.

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  • Garbrac

    Updated the post to reflect a recent post on the official forums by Gina Bruno.

  • Toorlokviing

    yay…must have been after i submiteed a feedback asking to be a pts tester in october…i want this game to succeed…and ill do everything in my power to make sure its viable for everyone. ty zos and ty garb for posting this. im so looking forward to this….sooo excited!

  • RedSatyr