Official TESO Podcast – Episode 1


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This is the first official Podcast of!  Join us weekly as we discuss all things Elder Scrolls Online.

This Week:

  • Welcome and Meet the Cast!
  • Beta Weekend Impressions
  • Is ESO Worth the $15?
  • Is ESO really an Elder Scrolls Game?
  • The Weekly Build: Nightblade Tank – Is it Viable?


We are honored to have the opportunity to give away copies of Elder Scrolls Online.  Special thanks to TESOElite Staff Member Laz this week for giving away a Regular Digital Edition and an Imperial Digital Edition.

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Note: This was previously recorded.  Join us live on Tuesdays at 9pm EST on

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  • Bowstripe

    Thank you for this 😀

  • Jr.

    Yes it will 🙂 Today actually. "The show will be Tuesday March 11th at 9:00pm EST (-5:00 GMT)"

  • Bowstripe

    Out of curiosity, is there going to be a podcast this week as well?

  • Dr_Chainsaw

    Appreciate the feedback. None of us are experts, so we are trying to make the podcast as enjoyable as possible for you all. We thank you for the feedback and will try to address all issues. The best way to do that is for you to leave constructive feedback (like you see here), so we here at TESOElite appreciate it. As for iTunes… stay tuned. Just waiting on approval!

  • I appreciated the podcast. Definitely a good start to what you guys are doing. I would suggest maybe looking into a way to balance the audio. It is difficult to get the audio set to a good level. I found myself turning up and turning down my audio often to hear what everyone is saying. I don't know if anyone has an audio recorder they are using to record themselves or if you've looked into a potential Skype capture client in order to capture the audio and then balance it in post production. This would add quite a bit of listenability for your audience.

    Also, it might be a good idea to do this in some place where you don't have a time limit. So, if you end up recording for 90minutes because Q&A goes for too long you don't have to worry about it and honestly, you can cut it out in post production again.

    Give us some show notes maybe as references to what you're talking about or even to the builds you are discussing and creating. This doesn't take much time and would fit excellently into the description space below the video.

    A final thought on a way to improve is to listen to other podcasts. Personally, I listen to podcasts such as The Prompt and The Critical Path both found at then there is also the Accidental Tech Podcast which is found at and I also listen to the Relevant Podcast found at The last two podcasts are great examples of 3, 4, or more people on a podcast and might give you some ideas on how the dynamic might look with that many people on a podcast.

    I'm not saying I am a pro at this. I just wanted to leave some constructive criticism because I love it when people get out of their comfort zone and are willing to produce a product and ship it. There is always a learning curve and I think so long as you are looking to improve yourself you can do a great job.

    Thank you again for being willing to do this. This is a great start to your podcast and I can't wait to see more.
    (Personal preference also, maybe get into iTunes podcast store, it is free, and it would allow for me and others to subscribe, download, and listen flawlessly on my computer and phone.)

    Thank you for doing this. You have a load of potential and I look forward to listening in the future.

  • popcorn bandit

    I have that shirt too Garbrac, got it out of Lootcrate. You guys should do this *weekly*, it will become 2nd nature and habit after awhile. there is no try, only Do

  • LatinLegacy

    Excellent work guys. Was quite impressive for a first episode!

  • The Ginger Moon is Rising o.o

  • Kylod

    Nice work. Entertaining and informative.

  • DethAngel

    Best podcast I ever sat through. Wait that was my first podcast. Lazz popped my cherry.

  • JakeLeDuc


  • WerzWaldo

    Ultima Online! Holy #@$ that brings back memories… Great Lakes Server here. Damn that game was fun in the day! Katana of Vanquishing…

  • Ardis

    I appreciate the work you guys do, keep it up.