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So during his insomnia filled internet searching @Keihndeth stumbled upon a very interesting interview. Paul Sage was interviewed by AlchemicDreamAD and what was said sounded amazing.

Posted By: Paul Sage … next thing we’re opening up for Craglorn is going to include something like a Trial but for four(4) people instead of twelve. It’s called Dragonstar Arena. You’ll be able to take your group and see if you can survive and how long you can survive.

This sounds soo much fun. To me I am thinking it is a round arena where you’ll face endless amount of waves until your group wipes. It will be a timed event and the groups with the longest time will be rewarded at the end of the week, similar to what we currently see in Trials. I can’t wait for this patch to drop, I suspect it will be patch 1.4.0 or 1.5.0, as we know 1.2.0 is Crypt of Hearts Veteran Dungeon, and 1.3.0 is character and guild customization as well as bank improvements.

However that isn’t all that he mentions, he discusses the 3v3v3 arena they had setup at E3. This was a small “battleground” style event where three (3) players from each faction battle to hold a flag at the centre of the map. For those who were asking for a smaller group based PvP event this might be your chance. Say that you want it, if we can raise enough people who are interested in this, Zenimax may implement it.

Posted By: Paul Sage … So what we have is a 3v3v3 map that is very small, it’s almost like a battleground, so  to speak. There is a little flag in the middle where people are trying to hold the flag in the middle, sort of thing. This is kind of a experimental thing we did for E3, but it’s got a really good reception here on the show floor, so who knows.


[youtube id=”_tZiC8XQUAs” width=”740″ height=”450″]

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  • Toorlokviing

    i cant say im surprised. they said they were not going to do this but they are already bowing under the weight of the highest whiners. oh well…guess we should have all seen this coming. and im not closed to the idea. i feel they need something like this for those that dont want to take keeps and have zerg fests going all the time. but it also opens up the elitist side of things…sadly

  • Mauros

    That is what i like to read!! I do not know how it will work this BG 3v3v3 but at least they HEARD us and they try to make something for PVP except cyrondil.. Let's stay positive!! 🙂