New ESO Lithograph


We have a new lithograph today, The Arrival. The image depicts Molag Bal’s forces invading Tamriel with Molag overlooking from the sky. Zenimax needs to stop creating items that make me want to say “Shut Up And Take My Money”

Purchase this outstanding lithograph from the Bethesda Store.


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  • Faentomet

    Do want!

  • aodoine

    If at least my GF wasn't a graphic designer without a taste for gaming stuff…


  • Possum

    That, framed, would go nicely on the wall to my left, next to the window. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Libertylight

    Nice going to order today still have a little room left..

  • Isende

    possum'd probably love that if it were as big and as glorious as the one of rytlock brimstone he currently has over his computer.

    hmmmm. perhaps that shall have to go on a to-get list later, if they ever make it available in the ginormous vinyl type.

  • Failbrac FTL XD

  • Isende


  • Garbrac

    Anyone who says lack of sleep impairs your abilities, it full of crap.

  • DrGerm

    Sorry, but it's Invading, not Envading ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Super cool… ya, I want.

    And for @Kokopele I've wondered the same thing!