Mundus Stones Guide


While exploring the lands of Tamriel slaying beasties and running errands for emo ghosts you may come across some big pretty stones sporting interesting names. These are called Mundus Stones and they give you some very nice buffs that can be very darn helpful in your adventures. You may recognise the names of these stones from other games in the Elder Scrolls series as they are based on the thirteen constellations from Elder Scrolls Lore that made up the birth signs in Morrowind and Oblivion as well as the Standing Stones in Skyrim.

Each faction has their own set of 13 stones and you can find another set in the Cyrodiil PvP zone. Each stone has its own unique buff of which you can only have one at a time, they do however stack with other buffs from things like food, enchants, etc and they are semi-permanent, lasting through death they are only removed when replaced with a different Mundus buff.

To get the stones buff you need simply approach the stone and activate it with your action key (E by default). With things like reduced spell damage and increased health regeneration these buffs can be very beneficial to specific roles such as tanking and healing especially when doing veteran content, also much like when discovering a new area you get some decent XP points for each new stone find so all in all they are well worth seeking out as you make your way through each zone in your heroic efforts of heroism.

The Lover: Reduces damage taken from spells

Auridon/Glenumbra/Stonefalls Location

The Lover - Complete


The Thief: Increases critical chance

Alik’r Desert/Eastmarch/Malabal Tor Location

The Thief - Complete


The Mage: Increases maximum magicka

Deshaan/Grahtwood/Stormhaven Location

The Mage - Complete


The Warrior: Increases power

Alik’r Desert/Eastmarch/Malabal Tor Location

The Warrior - Complete


The Serpent: Increase non-combat health regeneration

Greenshade/Rivenspire/Shadowfen Location

The Serpent - Complete


The Apprentice: Increases spell penetration

Bangkorai/Reaper’s March/The Rift Location

The Apprentice - Complete


The Atronach: Increases magicka regeneration

Greenshade/Rivenspire/Shadowfen Location

The Atronach - Complete


The Lady: Increases armor

Auridon/Glenumbra/Stonefalls Location

The Lady - Complete


The Ritual: Increases healing effectiveness

Alik’r Desert/Eastmarch/Malabal Tor Location

The Ritual - Complete


The Shadow: Increases critical strike damage

Greenshade/Rivenspire/Shadowfen Location

The Shadow - Complete


The Steed: Increases run speed

Bangkorai/Reaper’s March/The Rift Location

The Steed - Complete


The Lord: Increases max health


The Lord - Complete


The Tower: Increases max stamina

Deshaan/Grahtwood/Stormhaven Location

The Tower - Complete


Cyrodiil Mundus Stones

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  • I’m really glad all Mundus stones exist for each faction so we don’t need to go deep into enemy territory o touch a rock. 🙂

  • Stephen Bent

    Is there a minimum level to use these?

    I used the Lady the other day which raises armor and I didn’t see my armor rating go up ?

    • No min level, there is a know issue with some buffs not displaying properly though, they do work just doesn’t reflect it on your stats. If you can see that you have the buff in the character sheet it should be working.

    • Stephen Bent

      Awesome, Thanks JD.

  • Powell

    This is great, thanks for the info!

  • gingrawr

    Thanks for the guide! I always am skeptical about grabbing a new ability from a stone because I never know what they do!

    • yeah was having the same issue, found I would have a pretty good buff for the class I was playing and would lose it for something useless just to see what a new stone did lol