Mounts, why so basic?


Horse Smile

A horse is a horse of course, of course unless of course that horse is a …. Guar?

As I fed my horsey some apples this morning I found myself thinking once again about how much more ZOS could do with mounts.  I have mentioned before how wonderful some more customization for mounts would be but this centred more around things like costumes and such.

Today however I remembered reading about the horses in Skyrim back when it was released and about how the Nord mounts were a bit slower than others but much hardier and sturdier.  This highlights one of my bigger disappointments upon reaching Vet level or more specifically other factions lands.  

Think about it, how cool would it be to reach an Argonian swamp and find a Guar vendor?  How about reaching a Khajiit village and finding a stable hocking big ol’ battle cats?  Instead of just different skins to symbolize the different stats on current horses why not make them different breeds and change them up a bit?  

Have the standard basic horses still but for those special ones like the Gaited Horse and the Light Horse make them a specific breed with race specific names.  Take the Gaited horse for example with the stamina bonus, this could be the Nord breed with an appearance a bit shorter and stockier than the others whilst the light horse with the speed bonus could be say a Red Guard breed and appear a bit taller and leaner.

This combined with specific species being found only sold by specific races I feel would add a bit more fun, depth and anticipation to the world of mounts in ESO.

Would you like to see something like this?  What else would you like to be added to mounts?

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  • Ssscarline

    Oops, correction, they are khajiit, but there would be no moral issues as long as the Senche agreed to it. And the Senche are hired out as mounts.

  • Ssscarline

    I don't mean to be finicky, but I would just like to point out that the Senche and Senche-Raht are not actually khajiit. Hence they are called Senche Tigers. Pahmar are the four legged khajiit. Senche are just animals, and the khajiit do use them as battle mounts, as is specifically mentioned in the "Mixed Unit Tactics" book found in ESO, and in the past three Bethesda created RPG's.

  • danielvs

    Great Idea!
    I also thougt about the guar mounts! Really wanna have one of those.
    Dark Elfs could have black horses (like in some stories, horses from hell)
    Wood Elfs could have tigers or some sort, maybe big lizards ( maybe this could get in conflict with the argonians)

    Hope ZOS releases much more mounts!

  • Guar mounts are in the works. No idea what else they have in mind. It would be cool if there was a rare unicorn that could be found (like in Oblivion). Battlecats would be cool, but they're Khajiit, not just animals. There'd have to be a good explanation for having one available.

  • Messy1

    Yeah, I do agree that more could be done with the mount system. It does seem a little plain Jane right now. I was kinda shocked when I hit lvl 50 with my mount and then found out I could not level it anymore. The slider bars that show the progress for stamina, speed, etc . . . make it look like you can level your horse forever. I do agree with the writer of the article it would be much better if different stables in different factions sold different kinds of mounts. I'm still a little skeptical and introducing too many fantastical creatures as mounts otherwise it would seem too much like other MMOs. All in all, I think that ESO has done a fabulous job at customization options and it's only going to get better. Now here's an idea if four players in a group get together with mounts they could do quests with caravans or stage coaches transporting goods from various cities in there alliance and try to deliver the goods without being ambushed and killed. Similarly in Cyrodil have caravan mission.

  • RedSatyr

    I'm sure they've considered it, but this probably has as much priority as housing. A popular idea, but they won't lose people if it's not implemented asap.

  • Powell

    Great post, great idea… that would be awesome!