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Mounts are an essential part of most MMO games, not only do they make travelling the world a lot quicker and easier but they can also be very aesthetically pleasing, however like most aspects of Elder Scrolls Online there is far more to mounts than your average MMO. In ESO players have the ability to feed their mounts once every 20 hours giving a permanent boost to the horse’s stats (speed, stamina or carrying capacity) as well as eventually changing the mounts appearance, this allows players to tailor each of their mounts to their characters needs and style.

Buying a Mount

Mounts are both purchased and managed through Stables which can be found in every major town across all three factions. To locate a stable open your map (default key M) and look for the symbol that resembles a horses head.










Currently there are a total of six mounts available to players in Elder Scrolls Online none of which are faction specific and while mounts are at the moment all horses it has been announced that Guar mounts are going to be added in the near future. There are four base horses of varying prices and stats which are available to all players with owners of the Imperial Edition upgrade having access to the Imperial Horse on top of these, there is also the Palomino horse which is available via the Elder Scrolls Online Store which can be found at The Imperial and Palomino Horses are different only in appearance, they share the same stats as the Common horse and have no special abilities.

Common Horse

Cost: 17,200g

Stats: 15% Speed, 10 Stamina, 0 Carrying

Common Horse









Draft Horse

Cost: 42.700g

Stats: 15% Speed, 10 Stamina, 10 Carrying

Draft Horse







Light Horse

Cost: 42,700g

Stats: 25% Speed, 10 Stamina, 0 Carrying

Light Horse









Gaited Horse

Cost: 42.700g

Stats: 15% Speed, 20 Stamina, 0 Carrying

Gait Horse



Imperial Horse

Cost: 1g (requires Imperial Edition upgrade)

Stats: 15% Speed, 10% Stamina, 0 Carrying

Imperial Horse








Palomino Horse

Cost: Prices vary with currency, check website for cost

Stats: 15% Speed, 10% Stamina, 0 Capacity

Palamino Horse







Feeding, Stats and Appearance

Once every 20 hours players can feed their horses one of three different types of food Apples, Wheat and Oats

Horse Deit




Each time you feed your horse it will increase in level up to a maximum level of fifty, feeding your horse will not only permanently increases one of it’s base stats of Speed, Stamina and Capacity but will also eventually change appearance depending on what it has been fed. It takes twenty of the same food to change the appearance and appearances do stack with each other however as horses currently have a maximum level of fifty you will only be able to obtain two of the three appearance changes. Each food increases a different stat and has its own unique appearance effect.


Stat: increase horse speed by 1% each use

Appearance: changes the saddle (the thing you sit in)

horse speed










Stat: increase horse stamina by 1% each use

Appearance: adds armour

armour horse










Stat: increase inventory by 1 each use

Appearance: add saddle bags


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  • Updated the pic of food as oats was changed in the Craglorn patch

  • Powell

    Does anyone know if the stats cover the board? Or do you have to level up each horse up individually as you purchase them?

  • it is limited, can only feed them up to level 50, am hoping this changes so we can max out all the stats but for the moment 50 cap

  • after being fed 20 of the one food it will change so say you feed it apples 20 time the saddle will change, as the level cap is 50 this means you can only have 2 of the 3 appearance changes

  • Cruxio

    With time, can you eventually train up all traits of a mount to each trait's max value? Or is there a limit to how many "points" you can put into a mount?

    If there is a limit, then there is a top-end detriment to having an Imperial Horse. 🙁

  • Messy1

    Great guide thank you very much =)

  • At what point do they change their appearance? If you split your stats between two or all three, can you see appearance changes from multiple stats?

  • Stuart

    You get +inventory slots when you feed your horse with oats. Yes i mean your inventory. You just have to have this horse active in stables (not necessary to mount it)
    You can feed every 20 hours. Absolutely.

  • yep, I realise why bow was confused though, I had a 1 in front of the 0 on gaited lol

  • no it just adds space to you inventory when you are using that horse, if you swap to a different horse you will lose the extra inventory so make sure you bags aren't full before doing that lol

  • also just checked the stable all start with a capacity of zero except draft which has 10

  • oh my bad on the time, did a lot of research but half said 20 half said 24

  • Bowstripe

    1) Does gaited start with 10 inventory? If so does draft start with 20?
    2) You can feed your horse every 20 hours I believe.

    Will check both when I get in game again?