Limited Edition Heroes Guide To ESO


You fancy yourself a Lore Expect for The Elder Scrolls? Perhaps you’re just a collector, a player who enjoys exploring through Tamriel searching for long lost books. Well no collection is finished without a Heroes Guide.

Zenimax has just released a limited edition heroes guide for ESO. So limited that only 10,000 will be printed.


Anyone who has played an Elder Scrolls game is familiar with the multitude of lore books on diverse topics found in the world. You might be a player who loves collecting and reading these books in-game to discover more about Tamriel. If you are, you won’t want to pass up these real-life lore books full of new fiction and art, the Hero’s Guides!

These three lovingly-crafted books are straight from the Second Era, full of knowledge and tales any scholar would treasure that can’t be found anywhere else. They come packed in a beautiful clamshell box perfect for display along with a miniature lithograph in a numbered portfolio.

Pre-Order your Heroes guide on the Bethesda Store today!

Not convinced and want to see some samples? Well, Zenimax has those available to us as well.











Elder Scrolls Online Guide - Killer Guides
  • Amarogine

    I umm….preordered.. :))

  • Veralidaine

    Oh my lord, that's gorgeous. *nerdgasm* why do I have to spend my money on things like college and food when this is so much better?!

  • Toorlokviing

    ill let you guys know when i get it…if it was worth the buy

  • Toorlokviing

    i had to request extra money out of my clothing allouance just to be able to buy this april 4th….i was pretty pissed that its soo much T_T. if if i couldnt get it i would cry because im a lore geek of tes and having this would be invaluable to my collection of tes stuff…started with skyrim collectors and will be going back for preivous tes game ces…it will be a slow and painful process but ill eventually get them all.

  • picasso trigger

    I was just about to post this. ;P

  • Yozou

    I would love to have physical books from ES lore, but can't afford this purchase now… too bad it's limited 🙁

  • RedSatyr

    Yeahhh…. I spent $90 on the Phys. Imp. Ed. already and upgraded some peripherals for ESO. I'd buy this, but I don't think I can warrant it. 🙁

  • XLunairX

    Agreed. I want it, but my wallet doesn't have enough papers in it after pre-ordering TESO.

  • Garbrac

    If I had money, I'd be all over this pre-order