[Guide] How to powerlevel your Legerdemain skill fast


What’s Legerdemain and how do I level it?

Legerdemain is the first skill line added in the new Justice system update.  The skill line is dedicated to stealing, killing and messing around with the NPCs of Tamriel. While this might sound as a goofing around kinda business, keep in mind that the crime business will often pay up big time, with little cost, if played effectively.

Basically, leveling Legerdemain, you’ll need to do at least one of the following:

  • Steal from NPCs (pickpocketing)
  • Steal goods from lootable crates/objects
  • Lockpicking crates/boxes

Before getting into the actual Legerdemain fast leveling guide, here are the passives of this skill line.

ESO-Legerdemain-Skill-Line3-Trafficker 4-Locksmith 2-Light-Fingers



Keep in mind that laundering or fencing has a daily set limit (24hrs), meaning that you can’t sell or keep the stolen items after you got to that limit. To be effective, this means you must add points into the Trafficker passive as soon as you can, allowing you to fence/launder more items per 24 hrs.

The 2 fastest methods of leveling Legerdemain

Method 1 – The warehouse heist

This method is my preferred one since I can reach my daily quota in a matter of minutes and allows me to level legerdemain pretty easy and fast.

First, you need to travel to Auridon, to Vulkhel’s Guard, as explained in this screenshot.

credit Reddit

As you can see, your main target is the circled warehouse. If you enter the warehouse, you’ll notice a lot of barrels and no guards whatsoever. Basically, you get a room full of goodies and no one to see you. There are around 30-40 barrels in this location, most of them full with crafting reagents and the occasional rare or purple item. Since we’re here to level our skill fast, the loot itself is of little interest. So, it takes around 1-2 minutes to loot all the barrels, exit the warehouse, logout, login again…warehouse full again. Sounds easy right?

Let’s recap: Go to the warehouse, loot all the barrels, get out, log out, log in..rinse-repeat.

Quick Tip – don’t forget to turn on the option to autoloot items from stolen boxes as it’s off by default and will speed up the process considerably.

Method 2 – Operation Goat

If you like goats, more precisely, if you like to kill goats, this method is for you and you’ll get an achievment in the process, Wicked Shepherd. Evidently, it’s not my favourite approach on levelling legerdemain but it’s an effective method nonetheless. What you basically need is to find a livestock farm (goat or sheep), with lots of animals. A common location is the little farm right outside Craglorn’s Dragonstar Wayshrine, which is the preferred spot for many goat lovers.


Since killing goats is a crime now, you have to sneak up, kill the goats and harvest them. Evidently you’ll get a lot of Guts, Game and Hidem which you can fence/launder.

For those unfamiliar with fencing or laundering in ESO, you’ll find there are a lot of Outlaws Refuges in most towns. This basically is a safe heaven for all thieves where you’ll be able to fence or launder any items you’ve acquired in your shady adventures.


As you can see, a life of crime isn’t all that hard and can be pretty fruitful at times. If you know other methods for fast leveling the legerdemain skill line, tell us in the comments.

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  • Datathief

    I have employed the warehouse strategy to level my legerdemain skill, and gathered the following data. On average (20 run data set), I gathered 35.2 items per run of the warehouse. This leads to the following conclusion– To reach your daily fence limit, you need to run the warehouse approximately this number of times:

    # of skillpoints in trafficker passive – # of warehouse runs to reach that limit
    0 trafficker – 3 runs
    1 trafficker – 6 runs
    2 trafficker – 7 runs
    3 trafficker – 8 runs
    4 trafficker – 8 runs (but at this point, you dont need to do this anymore)

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