How to Group in ESO


If you’ve found yourself wondering how to find or create a group, look no further! Today, Zenimax Online released a video on grouping up in Elder Scrolls Online. It also seems as though they’ve created a new YouTube channel dedicated to helping new players titled ESO Help.  I’m sure many of you by now are familiar to the user interface, but look no further newbies!

Posted By: Front Page Watch the new video from our ESO Help channel and learn how to get the most out of grouping. From dungeons and their Veteran Rank counterparts to world bosses, Dark Anchors, and more, there are plenty of reasons to group up in ESO. Did you know that every group gets a 10% XP bonus or that you can set more than one preferred role for yourself in the group finder? Do you know how to change your online status? This video from our brand new ESO Help YouTube channel goes in-depth, showing you how to use our tools to find the perfect group. Check it out—you might learn something new! Don’t forget to take a look at the rest of the helpful tutorial videos, and come back frequently to see more.


ESO Help Channel  

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