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Let me just start by saying I love Elder Scrolls Online, I find the story line great, the voice acting is amazing and it is by far one of the most beautiful looking games I have ever seen but sitting at end game I am getting very bored very fast. I think as with most game developers ZOS has greatly underestimated how fast people would burn through content as the current endgame content is proving to be very limited. I know the game is new and yes ZOS is so far doing a good job at getting new content out in a timely manner but having said that … I have been burned before, I have been promised wondrous and exciting things only to be left as disappointed and heart broken as a kid who just dropped their ice cream and as a result can’t help but have that little niggling in the back of my mind panicking that it is going down the SWTOR road.

Like ESO I loved levelling through SWTOR, I loved the story and I enjoyed the mechanics but come endgame it felt more like a repetitive chore than anything. The content at end game was limited to Operations (raids), dailies, PvP, farming, rolling alts and nothing else. At the time none of the casino games could be played, there was no in depth achievements system to work through nor any huge customization options. The game was well and truly limited to the 5 core features of most MMOs and the response to the demand for more was simply more of the same.

This is the mistake other games have made when players have asked for more to do, having a new raid and some new daily quests every 6-8 weeks is nice and all but there is only so much of this one can do before turning around and asking “is that it?”  By more content I don’t mean more trials and more dailies no what I mean more things to do, stuff to kill time while I wait for my guildies to get online, some solo content other than farming and rolling alts. One can not always just do group stuff like PvP and dungeons it gets stale and repetitive and most people aren’t going to pay a monthly sub just to log in 2 to 3 times a week for a guild trial run. 

A dozen little things will keep people active a lot longer than one big raid patch, these can be things like mini-games such as puzzles and artefact hunting, a more in depth achievement system with a bunch of rewards like costumes and mounts, even something like oh I don’t know maybe GAMBLING!! I mean seriously, I find it kind of hard to believe that the Khajiit haven’t come up with some kind of card or dice game to swindle people out of their gold.

The achievment system alone is a great tool for not only giving people something to do but something to take pride in.  Rift and WoW both had very detailed in depth achievement systems that players could work their way through to gain things like rare mounts, titles and costumes.  I would spend entire days going through zones ticking things off the list so that I could run around with a title that few others would have.

Housing is also a great option for time kills, I spent weeks building stuff in RIFTs dimension crafting, constructing things like my own customized mansions plank by plank and a soccer field for guilds to verse each other, I even built a giant floating inn for my guild to hang out and get drunk in. This in turn can lead to other things to do like hunt for rare trophies to hang on your walls and other such stuff, for example a rare spawn bear that we could kill, skin and turn into a rug. Thing like this, that will get people out exploring Tamriel.

ZOS have done such an amazing job at creating a huge, beautiful world and the more reasons they can give people to go explore it the better.  Basically anything other than stuff that requires a group or repeating the same quests each day is going keep people around and the sooner the can do that the sooner people will have more confidence in the tremendous potential Elder Scrolls Online has.

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  • So far, patches have added group content but no soloable content. I like grouping, but I don't always have that option and its not always what I'm in the mood for. I agree that there should be more stuff to do. The justice system and the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild should have been made a higher priority. But hopefully they will deliver when it's finally released.

    And what about the places in Tamriel that we can't visit yet, such as Whiterun? Add some new zones, with new places to explore, new NPCs with interesting dialog, and new quests.

    So far, I am only level 35. I have been playing consistently since early launch, but instead of burning through all the content, I'm taking my time preferring quality of experience over quantity. But if I were in veteran content right now, I imagine that the RP would probably be the only thing bringing me back.

    And speaking of RP, seriously, give us our own instances or server. I'm tired of anti-RPers purposefully trying to ruin our experience, jumping on the tables, dancing around us, swinging their weapons at us. It's annoying. It would also be appreciated if we would get more attention in general. Allow us to sit in those empty chairs. Give us dueling so we can have friendly battles. Give us a bigger variety of emotes. And give us some normal clothing like what the NPCs wear so we don't have to always walk around in armor.

  • Varulae Elsinlock

    There are a lot of things I love about the game, but it is just what Aielle said it was, a bare bones game. I would to see more in depth player interaction with the game. I love how extensive the lore is, and how consumed you can get, but what I really want to see in the game is more character customization, in terms of titles earned through achievement hunting, dyes, guild items (tabards, insignias, capes, housing). I know the things I've stated are already coming into effect and I love that! Some people are argue that titles will only promote grinding of sorts, and I don't mind that to a certain extent, because it will get people playing with one another, as long as its not as big of a grind-fest as Grindlorn has become. Lastly, again with titles, maybe not even titles you gain through completing quests/killing monsters, but through things like JD suggested, through mini-games and what not.

  • RedSatyr

    Rewards for patience. Too many people breeze through the game like it's any other MMO. I simply cannot fathom how people got from 1-VR10 in as short of a time as they did while also following the story. Sure, I skipped a few quests here and there, but there's a lot of love that has gone into it. And quite simply, you're not playing an ES game right if you're just bumbling around ignoring the story. I've heard people tell me that they experienced everything and somehow managed to get to VR10 within a month. And, unless you are playing it as much as any typical person works (40hrs/wk) or more, I don't see how that's possible.

    That said, and in all seriousness, I would like to see what they've already promised and are already working on. Dyes, Spell Crafting, etc. I'm excited and quite content with their goals and what they've brought out so far (though I've been leveling a few other toons to take a break from my main character).

    I thought of a possible work around to PvP being limited to Cyrodiil. If we had "Skirmishes", instanced 3v3 5v5 battles, that take place in Cyrodiil and give bonuses to their teams for winning them, that could keep people playing in Cyrodiil and benefit the overall campaign. I envisioned you'd only run into these "Skirmishes" while taking on Keeps or something, so people don't just do those and ignore the overall Campaign. I'm not much into PvP, but I intend on participating in it when I get to max level with each of my characters.

  • ThePonzzz

    I haven't made it to end game, and I've been playing since launch. But I'm a really slow player, I don't skip dialogues, and I maybe play 2 or 3 hours a few times a week. With that said, I'm level 48 though, and that seems a bit scary. I'm glad I don't feel "stuck" without grouping, but I do wish each area had more content that wasn't combat oriented.

  • Aielle_Dcaar

    Try to remember this is the "bare bones" game. Like all Elder Scrolls games it will evolve, adding more questlines and associated skill-lines. I refuse to burn thru the initial content, taking a great deal of time, and am still enjoying the heck out of it. Your ideas sound fantastic and i hope ZOS gets the message. Thanks.