The Value of MMO Etiquette in The Elder Scrolls Online

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    The Value of MMO Etiquette in The Elder Scrolls Online

    Please do not repost on any other website, this guide can only be found at, and, this is only part of the Introduction section of the Team Authority Master Compendium

    I am hoping people will find this a good read and good guides to play by. This has been taken from the team authority compendium which is a work in progress, the full version is available only to members who have been with us for a while @ I personally wish more people would read up on MMO Etiquette but it seems everyone is always in a rush. :( I'm interested to hear what you've got to say about why you're planning on playing TESO though. The Elder Scrolls Online has certain unofficial social rules, but ones people should still try to abide by, this makes the game more enjoyable for everyone involved. There are many interactions in a game like The Elder Scrolls Online than with the offline stand-alone RPG's such as Oblivion and Skyrim. TESO brings together multiple personalities into an environment that can be both positive and negative, interactions between players are bound to occur, the negative ones should try to stick to set guidelines so as to make the game both enjoyable for all participants.

    (1)"Behaviors that fall outside of normal etiquette can be considered rude or inappropriate or even as griefing. To make friends and have a smooth experience in game, it pays to learn the rules up front."

    While Hunting
    The world environment is a very co-operative place (in your own faction anyhow) and is a vast open area, in these allied areas excluding that of Cyrodil, only your own faction will be present and any contention will be with these allied forces, these zones you will have one enemy, the monsters that stalk the fields of your factions territory. Whether you are playing solo or working within a group, there are a few guidelines you should use to keep you from stepping on other peoples' toes. Beyond that, it's good to know when someone else is doing something that is genuinely disrespectful so you can point out what there doing wrong so they may hopefully stop, and if they continue hopefully you will be able to choice an option to ignore them.

    Mob Ownership
    This is something that i feel very strongly about, how many times have you played an MMO and thought to yourself "He Took My Mobs!!! Grrrrr" as such Mob Ownership is often a point of contention during PvE hunting.

    (1) Soloists and groups run into situations where other characters will come through kill some of the same targets in the area where they were already hunting. The first point here is to use a cool head; everyone has a right to go after monsters. Even when a higher level person is attacking a beast, they may be after trade items that are useful, doing a backlog of old quests, or just farming something for their allies.

    The immediate reaction maybe to rant or go on the offensive and give them a piece of your mind, but remember if they have attacked the mob and killed it, there are entitled to the loot, so instead of acting negatively, speak to the individual and see if you can come up with a compromise that will benefit both parties, the easiest way around this problem is to invite the individual into your group or party., this way everyone benefits, one person maybe farming a certain component for crafting or to stack-up and sell in the AH. whereas you maybe needing to kill 10 of these opponents. allowing you to register the kills, and the other to loot the mats. This situation is Win - Win, if they are higher level you will most likely complete this quest-line in a fraction of the time also. By the same logic, if you are on a collection quest and someone else is going after the same target for other reasons i.e for kill quests, its still a good idea to team up as the mobs will be lootable quicker. Remember it is polite to send a person a message before inviting them to a group; people often are more agreeable if you send them a polite message beforehand, than just spamming them an invitation, this will get peoples backs up and could result in you being put on there ignore list, whereas the former way could get you put on their friends list, which opens up future grouping with the individual.

    If the person does not want to party up which may occur for many reasons, they may prefer to play on there own, they may already be in a group, hopefully you will be able to sort some sort of territorial agreement, you take this area, they take the other area so to speak, This will happen quite often. You can make the other person aware of what quest you are on, and if there are multiple quests you are both on, it may be worth each others while to move to another area and do another quest while one finished theirs off, you should not expect others to relocate, and should be willing to do so yourself from time to time, this will give both of you space to complete your quests unhindered.

    If you are polite and adapt this kind of Etiquette , you increase your chances of people being agreeable with you, this of course if dependent on people being reasonable also. Also, by acting politely it is less likely to be met with arrogance and obnoxious remarks, i remember farming Copper Ore in Durotar last year and someone was abusive over material mined, i thought to myself wheres the manners nowadays, i replied to him explaining i didn't see him, and this was met with the person being even more abusive, as such i got on my flying mount and used my gather-mate add-on to farm every bit of copper ore in that area, depriving the abusive person of the materials he so desperately needed, whereas if he was polite i would of probably given a few to him and offered him a guild invite, allowing him access to our low level crafting mats.

    How To Handle Hunting Conflicts
    • Work with other players for mutual gain
    • Leave each other enough space for targeting enemies
    • Relocate to another area, if agreement can't be agreed upon
    • Avoid any aggressive players and report abusive to a GM.
    (1) There are times when when another group doesn't want to join with yours and is not willing to share anything within the region. That doesn't make them griefers - it's still within their rights to kill as much as they can within the area (that is your right as well). If the other group refuses to have a comfortable attitude, you may try another camp of the same creature (this DOES NOT mean that you are backing down or acting like a coward); there are often several camps of important monsters in a given region. Rather, it shows you are sensible enough to have a good time and keep from wasting your night, experience points, and energy fighting for meager kills on a single quest. You can always come back later. Your fun, experience, and treasure are more important than making sure someone else ISN'T getting those things.

    Tapping into the Opposition
    (2) Tapping is commonly used in MMORPGs as a term for dealing enough damage to a monster or enemy to gain access to its treasure (or loot). Usually only one person or group can tap the lootable enemy in question. Once tapped, regardless of who kills the enemy, only the original tapping player(s) can receive the treasure.

    This can create grieving with regards to Mob Ownership. Even with this tapping system in place it can cause some problems with people that abuse this, making other gamers lives very difficult indeed. Someone who is mentally challenged and i have seen referred to as retarded in MMOs by the people who fall victim to their problems can use fast casting abilities to get the first hit, and can literally tap the opponent just before your anticipated pull. This negates the experience and loot that you would of otherwise have obtained, what makes this worse is if thy execute there attack a second before yours, your following attack would cause you to gain AGGRO meaning you would be left to finish of the target, but giving the tapper the experience and loot from the kill., this is a very bad situation to be in, and people using this method to level up are the scummiest types of gamer that will be in TESO, and in no circumstances should you adapt this style of gameplay. If someone does this once try to ignore this, it was most likely an accident, However if you find the individual or group following your party around, and continually doing this, they are deliberately causing your problems and using you for there benefit. You should try to talk to the person, again being polite. Hopefully this will resolve this, if the person is abusive, report them to a GM.

    One thing you should be aware of is the ability of certain classes to immediately lose aggro. some are able to grab creatures and then get them onto you (whether they are a member of your faction makes no difference in this). What happens is that these characters gather the aggro, move over to you, then use de-aggro abilities, which cause them to turn invisible, or look like they are dead. This makes the enemy attack the next nearest hostile which just happens to be you, this can occur even if you have not attacked these creatures. This will usually occur by accident, someones took on more than they can chew, and they need to stop getting attacked, and if you happen to be close by, simple put "you are in the wrong place, at the wrong time" However a few nasty players out there, and yes there are people that take great pleasure in the misfortune of others will create a train of enemies and run in your direction then immediately lose aggro, meaning all those in the train will focus on you. the expression ffs will no doubt be used, if you see this happening or coming towards you try to escape yourself, de-aggro or prepare to engage. If someone continually does this report them again to a GM, if multiple people report the individual something can be done about it, this ensure that the wrong type of people don't end up playing the game.

    Treasure Distribution
    If you are part of a group, and hunting for creatures or loot it is wise to establish some sort of looting rules ahead of the hunt. The most common form in MMOs is a thing called Need Before Greed. This basically means that any person in the group who needs an item is higher up the distribution table than that of a person greeding it. A person who needs an item should be able to use it themselves and be able to equip it, whereas a person who greeds an item would have a different use for the item, be that wanting to sell the item, equip it on another character on his/her account or give it/trade it with another guild member or friend. This keeps groups happy, as the rules are there in place to protect people from arguments that can happen when looting conflicts occur. By agreeing on Treasure and Loot Distribution before a the team goes underway can save countless time dealing with arguments that can occur in group allowing the team to focus on the task at hand, speeding up the encounter and experience.

    You still get people abusing this system, and even with a good looting system in place, you cannot determine if a person genuinely needs the item, as such this topic is very hard to police. Being part of a good community and guild can help distinguish doubts as most guilds are built on the foundations of teamwork and trust. Its a sad case that in most MMO's you cannot see into a characters inventory and see whether or not they are going to equip the said item or whether they have unequipped it for this dungeon so they can roll for it once more without any objection, a few players do this switch to ensure they can loot items to boost there own personal economy, this is seen to be very selfish and deprives those who actually can benefit from an improved item.

    (1) Though Individual definitions vary, the standard idea is that Need means that you are going to equip and use an item as soon as you possibly can, either the moment you get it or as soon as you reach the proper level. This item is an actual upgrade for your character, has an important place for you, etc. Greed is frequently used for items that aren't needed or for Enchantment who pretty much want everything that drops for their trade. Passing is done for items that aren't needed at all or for cases where guild groups are supporting their enchanters (e.g., Need if you really need an item, Greed for Enchanters, and Pass for other people).

    The Need button carries certain requirements, If an item is not perfect for you or is not that much better, wait and see what other people are planning on doing, If you still want the item ask the Question "This is actually better than what i have, does anyone mind if i need?", When loot comes to mind its the exception to the rule, and its better to ask permission than seek forgiveness, without asking the group you are likely to be met with uproar and negative remarks "Ninja" or "WTF what you doing, you dont' need that", "Greedy Mother F#&k''er"

    You can earn respect from your team mates for the use of correct etiquette, and can usually work to your advantage if you do several dungeon runs and or raids in a single night, If you let other people roll for items, instead of yourself who also needs that item, you will build friendships and gain a certain level of respect, this can also be beneficial as when another item drops, you could say "hey folks, i've passed on the last 6 drops, and I've been really generous tonight, but as for this item, i actually need this, do you mind, i would be grateful" the party has already had several drops because of your kindness and are more likely to lean towards allowing you the Need and passing themselves, of course this isn't always the case and some may need anyhow and make clever remarks like "that's life mate" at which point its better to cut your losses, see the dungeon through to the end and leave the group, no one respects the person who throws his dummy out of the pram and drops the group because he/she didn't get the toys they wanted.

    Fast Drop Guidelines
    • Establish looting rules before embarking
    • Don't argue about loot - use the time to kill more monsters / bosses, will result in more loot anyhow
    • Don't make a scene if a player is harmful to the party, wait till the encounters over then put it to a vote to remove them.
    • Greedy people should not be encouraged to join more events, cut your losses before it is detrimental to the group.
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    Ninja Looters?
    (3) A loot ninja, AKA ninja looter or simply ninja, is a player who takes loot to which he or she is not entitled. The act is referred to as ninja looting or ninjaing. The term predates World of Warcraft and originated with the notion of looting as quickly as possible. The common synonym for this behavior is greeder, though that term has ironically fairer play connotations specific to WoW.

    Definition: The term seems to have a few different meanings depending on whom you ask, including:
    • A player who, when in a group, rolls "Need" on everything regardless of if he or she can use it.
    • A player who, when in a group, rolls "Need" on BoE recipes for a character they are not currently playing.
    • A player who rolls on an BoP item that everyone else has passed on or a player who loots a corpse without permission after everyone has passed on a BoP item. Generally, groups decide how to best make use of the item that no one can use, sometimes DPS classes will back out of +healing/+spell damage (as opposed to just +spell damage) even if it is an upgrade and will ask for the item if no one else needs it. Additionally, if no one needs it and no one reconsidered, it often goes to a enchanter, who disenchants it, and then the group rolls for the materials acquired from the disenchanted item. Sometimes players loot items for more sentimental reasons (like "town clothes" in RP servers) and will normally pass on it unless no one else needs it. If there are no enchanters in the group and no one changes their mind, generally the group will roll for its NPC value.
    • A player who loots a chest or harvests a resource while another player is fighting the mobs which were defending it, possibly using stealth or a dash ability to aid in this.
    • A party or raid leader who changes the looting system to "Master Loot" near the end of a boss kill and steals the loot off of a corpse without letting other players roll for the items. Especially one who sets up a group just for the first or second boss, and then hearthstones without speaking or claiming he has to sleep or work, meanwhile setting up another group to loot it again, perhaps prominent of Gold Farmers.[/justify]
    Gold farmers also try to join instance groups in order to ninja/pirate loot items and sell them.
    Loot ninjas are, understandably, not well liked by most players. Often, a ninja will get a bad reputation on a realm which eventually prevents them from being invited to participate in any high level instances. Unfortunately, a tainted reputation can often be avoided by changing one's character name. Many guilds also have rules stating that ninjas/pirates should be kicked from the guild on their first offense.

    What do you do about ninja looters?
    (1) Put them on your Ignore List and don't group with them again. These players aren't likely to be considerate of your group's needs in the future, and it certainly brings down everyone's mood when the best items in a long instance goes up in smoke. Move on, keep finding your favorite allies, and don't worry about it. Instances are repeatable, and there are more evenings, more encounters, and plenty more treasure for you. As for Ninja Looter, imagine how things are going to go when nobody wants to group with them later for end-game content a couple of months in the future. Having a bad reputation isn't much fun, and a few good items aren't worth the trouble.

    Some people try to call out Ninja Looters on the boards. "This guy rolled need on everything, or formed a group and made himself master looter before we fought the bosses, etc." This usually isn't wroth the effort. Go ahead if you feel that this person was so foul that others outside your circle of friends need to know, but the more sensible path is to inform friends / guild members and leave it at that. You can't stop everyone on the server from dealing with the bad folks, so it's often a more stable course to take care of your own.

    Incompetent Players
    Having to deal with incompetent players can be very tiresome, and can cause a great deal of stress, but its worthwhile remembering not all players have the same level of skill, There will be a huge difference in TESO to those distinguished veterans of many wars, bringing to the game experience from multiple online games and will have a fantastic gaming portfolio, then you will have those who are huge Elder Scroll fans, but new to MMOs, these type of gamers should be encouraged to develop there abilties and should not be frowned upon just because they lack experience, remember those used to the Elder Scroll franchise will be used to pausing the game to give them time to decide what to do, an over exaggerated example can be seen in the video below. BTW this is a fine example of why many of the community who are anti Ebonheart Pact refer to that faction as Skyrim fanboys :pno offense meant, but its understandable.

    As with many types of Etiquette in TESO, it is wise to give player time to adapt to new situations and familiarize themselves with the controls and the UI (User Interface). However there are times when a player is doing that badly or beyond help that something must be done to deal with there lacking of skills. Again this is another reason to be in a guild, you tend to find this type of player does not fall into guildable, and rather removable. When someone in your group or party (usually a person from a PUG Pick Up Group) is performing poorly or getting people killed, then something should be done. As a guild leader myself i make it a rule of thumb not to remove players from the party for poor DPS, that is never the right way to lead a team, raid leading is something completely different and has its own set of rules, one of which i will talk about in future posts. however failing to follow simple instruction for example "don't attack the mob to the left, or do not push forward and AGGRO that mob" would be seen as stupidity and an annoyance to the group, and as such would result in that person being removed from the party. Usually the leader of the group will take a break and explain what went wrong, and how it can be resolved in future, providing information on how the party should be performing and what methods should be utelised as such.

    If the new players keeps attacking the wrong types of enemies, the leader should advise them on who they should be assisting or working alongside , and also where to stand or what to avoid. (1) When they outright pull monsters that aren't desired, tell them that they aren't responsible for pulling and that a different player is already handling that, if they carry on griefing the party then adapt our guilds approached to a problem child "you tank it, you spank it", theirs the golden rule, allow the tank to pull and get aggro then commence your attack, the tank it, spank it approach means if they pull before the group is ready or healer has recovered, you move away forcing them to get all the attention they have desired causing them to in essence die, this will be a harsh lesson learned, and one you must teach from time to time to ensure it does not continue.

    If the player is poor but is still doing there best and following the teams instructions, be polite and keep them around, allow them to finish the dungeon with you, for all you know they may of been removed from the last god knows how many pugs, and there is nothing more demoralizing than being removed from a group, it makes you feel small, makes you feel like quitting, makes you feel like crap to be honest, so if possible try not to remove them, of course if the player is downright rude in there response to your encouragement or advice remove them, its simple, you are not here to take abuse, you are here to complete an instance and move onto the next. Cutting a player for performing badly is very rude. That said, no one is obliged to take unskilled players out for every quest and every raid . If you are not interested in helping that player improve their skills, don't group with them in the future. That is absolutely your choice. And, it's probably a wise decision.

    From personal experience we took a low level paladin from World of Warcraft, it took us about 20 mins to recruit him and after a lengthy discussion we encouraged him to finally join us, he was new to the game was trying to tank in Holy, and we provided some pointers, i personally crafted him some armor level specific, and our guildies enchanted it, then we helped him organize his action bar and recommended a rotation and he became a legend in our guild, one of the best tanks I've ever had the privilege of knowing, what i am trying to get across is don't give up on people as a lost cause, everyone has potential and we are all new at some point, as such helping to develop a person can really benefit that individual, but at the same time benefit your community as well, myself i love taking someone who is clueless and guiding them, i get a sense of satisfaction out of it, more so than raid leading itself.

    Todays Noob = Tomorrows Veteran

    Invitation Spamming
    This is heavily frowned upon, and will most likely get you added to several peoples ignore list, restricting future grouping opportunities. It is best to search for groups using the tools available within the game, such as general chat, waiting around a dungeon instance, looking for group in the world chat channel, sometimes referred to as general chat, also asking in your guild chat if guild members want to run instance X, Y or Z, or help with individual quests is another option. When inviting random players do not simply click invite to group, take the time to message them first, otherwise you will get peoples backs up, by being polite and messaging them first you will get better feedback and are more likely to get a better style of gamer join you.

    The same sort of rules apply for duels (1) Practicing with your character 1-on-1 is exciting, and many other players are happy to join you in duels, especially near towns when they are not engaged with quests, other parties, etc. However, spamming a person with duel invites is quite obnoxious and will land you in the ignore list some of the time. The best duels take time to set up, with fun talk, mutual bows, and a brief discussion for any rules that are desired. Duels do not simulate true PvP anyway, and out-of-the-blue ones aren't worth the breach in manners.

    Asking For Help
    As long as you don't demand help from anyone, it is perfectly polite to ask for assistance when going after difficult fights, quests and such. This can be done on the general chat channel, from guildies, or from people in the area. If you see people fighting there way towards a quest mob that you need to fight, there is nothing wrong with asking them to join them. When you cannot get close enough to talk to them, try to whisper one of the groups members. People usually don't mind adding an extra player for a few kills, as it doesn't effect there game-play and benefits all involved, a good example of this would be in world of warcraft when you were fighting Hogger, i got invited and invited a few also to make the encounter quicker and instead of having him tagged by another and then having to wait for the subsequent respawn.

    A side issue of practicing good manners is when your party is standing close to an important quest NPC, getting ready for the fight. Because some of these monsters are hard to find (because of wandering, spawn problems, etc.) it is polite to either yell or send a message over general to let people know that the enemy is not long for this world. By doing this, you give others the chance to ask for an invite if they are close. For example when Mist of Pandaria was launched there was a lot of competition for the Rare Spawns and the achievements for killing them all also, so they were high in demand, these were quite difficult also, so whenever i found one, i would ask in general chat if anyone would like to assist and share in the achievement milestones, and as such usually got a minimum of 2 people wanting to take part, this made them easier to kill as we were grouped. This way more than just you as an individual benefit from the encounter, this is a polite way to go about things.

    Requesting Buffs
    You will notice quite quickly that the various buffs you can get applied to you will change your experience of the game for the better, increasing your performance, reducing the damage, powering your attacks, there are a various kinds of buffs, all of which are beneficial to you. As a Dragonknight or Templar who will be focusing on the enemies mainly with close combat may benefit from increased health or stamina, whereas Sorcerers and Nightblades might benefit from Magicka boosts or increased regeneration rates etc, these also make a big difference. Even using food and drinks which in some MMOs can improve your stats and give some minors boosts to some of the main attributes contributing to your class, will be of benefit. These abiltiites and improvement buffs usually only cost a small amount of magicka and can be replenished rather quickly also, people may bestow upon you there blessing and as such give you a little boost, make use of this in the time you have with it, it can make a huge difference, however a person may not choose to cast a buff on you by choice, and sometimes if you are familiar with a class it maybe beneficial to request the buff from the individual.

    It is well worth while asking politely for the buff from an individual, but only ask once, if you get no reply, take it as you are not going to get the buff, and leave it as that, don't pester the individual, it is bad etiquette in MMOs and will result in you being branded a pest, or needy. There are ways to improve your chance and benefit the both of you, for example if you were to grind down a few enemies for the person, they would benefit from decreasing the time they took to complete there quests and loot there items. This would also be a great way to help out and be seen by the person whilst your waiting on a reply from them, ask them politely "hello, may i please get the shield buff please :)" i can help with a quest if you like" another good way to increase your chances of getting the desired buff is to cast a couple of your own buffs on them, this is completely optional, and can improve your chances, but alas you will always get some that ignore you, take the buffs and don't even reply, that's the nature of the beast, shrug it off, and move on, don't worry about it, keep going shoulder raised until you come across another with that class, who will be more inclined to help.

    If someone cast a buff on you without you asking, make sure to throw them a thank you, it doesn't hurt and makes people feel like there not wasting there time and shows your appreciation. If a person uses an ability to boost your stats, that takes them considerable time to recover from, it is wise to offer a donation for there generosity, note: this donation should only be offered if the buff was requested, for example if the game has abilities with several hours recharge, then offering a small amount of gold, would be considered a friendly gesture, and will go a long way.

    (4) In an MMORPG, it is often possible to grief another player or party by aggroing a number of nearby mobs that would ordinarily not be close enough to see the target party, then running toward the party so that the mobs chase you into them and attack them. If done at an inopportune moment, such as when the other player or party is currently fighting a close fight, this can turn their victory into a defeat and possibly a party wipe, making "training" a way for a single player to use the environment to defeat an entire party of the opposite faction – or even of the same faction. The most famous example of training occurred when a Horde guild from World of Warcraft successfully pulled Kazzak to Stormwind. It is wise to just check what is following you if going into a low level area, to ensure your not inadvertently going to kill players in that zone.

    Helping Others
    (5) Sometimes during your travels you will witness people that have got more than they can chew, and it is clear they are in trouble. This can be due to them having pulled poorly, aggro-ed additional enemies or didn't see the level of the enemy they were fighting and are obviously out matched, this would be considered a lose - lose situation, a situation they cannot possibly win without intervention. The option to jump in are completely up to you, and you are not obliged to help in any way. If you are able to help, it is usually welcomed, as TESO does not have a tagging system, do not worry about stealing the individuals EXP or Loot, you will be helping them progress and doing so helping yourself also. A great example would be lets say a mage has gained the attention of 3 bandits, and there closing in on him/her, buy attracting the attention of one of those bandits, the said mage could probably crowd control one whilst dealing with the other from afar, an encounter they will come out of alive, which otherwise they may of died and had to release, costing them time

    The only downside to helping people is some take offense and can be quite rude, even if there not rude about it don't expect a thank-you from them, some have a god complex and whether or not they would of died, they will believe themselves invincible. The golden rule here is do what you think is the right course of action, and don't second guess yourself after doing so. One think i should emphasize is that if there are multiple adds, joining the encounter, do not jump in, do not risk yourself, there is helping others and doing the right thing, then there death, there's no honor in death. I've been in situations where a healer soloing has pulled 3-4 adds and is low on health, I've rushed over with my main took all the aggro, and would of been able to easily take them out, however the healer decided they had enough and left me with the aggro and ultimately my fate, so that was a lesson learned, only help out if it is safe to do so for yourself, or your help has been asked for, as they are more likely to stay and heal and contribute themselves if a request has been made, if such request has been made it is gaming etiquette to lend them a hand.

    One of the most beneficial things you can do as a caster if you are possible is to resurrect the fallen person, if you have arrived late, or have dispatched the adds but only after they have fallen, it can be a great time saving for the person, not having to resurrect near a waypoint or do the corpse run, and allows them to continue there journey unhindered. This is greatly appreciated, and i have had random people see me die usually through ganking, and fly over invite me to there group and get me back on my feet, you cannot put words on how much you appreciate this, and sometimes this is as much a contribution as the assistance in combat would of been.
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    (5) It doesn't matter what kind of a game-style you will try and adapt, be that social, moderate or hardcore, you will at some point or another participate in group activities. Groups are created for a variety of reasons, someone needing help with a quest or elite mob, to undertake a set task, to group together for battlegrounds or the large scale alliance v alliance, or to brign together amazing people to undertake some of the games more challenging dungeons. Whatever the reason for the group one thing is sure, you should respect the group your in and have good manors within. If you are asked about your time restraints, be honest, dont say you can do the full raid dungeon, when in truth you only need the loot from the 2nd boss, and plan on only joining till you get what you joined for, stick to your word, and stay with the group, there nothing more frustrating for the other 24 players to see a tank or healer drop from the group, after they have received their loot. If you join someone and are worried about time make it plain and clear you are here for a set period of time "i can stay for 20 mins only" for example, this gives the person(s) a clear indication of how long you are going to be able to participate and contribute. (1) In the event you must leave unexpectedly, give at least some of a reason, and offer to make things up to people later.

    When you have finished with the group, make your plans on what you plan to do public to them. If you had a positive experience within the group, make that known and offer to continue on with the group, maybe you have similar quests or there is a PoI (Point Of Interest) in the vicinity which you have heard rumors of quests, perhaps the group would like to accompany you there, it is always wise to ask. On the other-hand if you have had a less than desirable experience it is wise to do a fleetwood mac and go your own way :) first things first though make sure you thank the group for the invite and wish them luck, it makes the organizer feel like they have not wasted their time and increases your chance of being invited in the future. Do not just leave group without saying anything this is deemed to be very poor etiquette and is considered very rude. Being polite and friendly makes grouping in general a more enjoyable experience.

    Grabbing Resources
    (5) Ok, this topic i have added in as its my pet hate, and something i can relate to in my own experience, and this has come straight out of our guilds forums. Resources in general spawn around the lands of Tamriel, and are in hot demand from crafters, farmers and traders alike, there has been one rule in the vast majority of MMO's i have played "First Come, First Served", a very frustrating rule, but one that has its advantages and disadvantages. There are a few tasks you can undertake to farm a resource unhindered, but the majority of the time due to the material resources location there are usually monsters nearby, and these can cause problems. Due to this reason, it becomes extremely difficult to attain such materials without drawing the attention of those hostiles, if you return to the area at a later stage in the game it may become apparent that the enemies are not dealing anywhere near the damage that needs to be worried about. This poses a problem, there are times you can see a person fighting near some herbs on the ground or near a cluster of ore, and as there busy dealing with these hostiles and at the same time have there aggro, it frees a path to the resource allowing you to walk in and farm the materials yourself. One word "Don't", you will quickly get a name for yourself and will most likely be landed on a persons ignore list, or a guilds black list. Do not ever rush past a person or wait for them to take the aggro, just so you can farm, it is wrong and goes against everything the MMO Etiquette is trying to get across. It is polite to send a message there way, asking them if they are going after the node, if not you are free to take it, it is polite however to help that person finish of the few remaining hostiles before farming the node, although you run the risk of less honorable players rushing in and stealing it themselves.

    Such manors do not relate to people in the other realm, especially lower levels, do not attack them however if they have no chance of survival, that is what we refer to as ganking, it's not big, or clever. If the person feels strongly about such an action, and as such attacks you, do not hesitate to put them in their place, such an act is foolhardy and deserves the punishment. If they don't attack you you may get a barrage of emote abuse, but that is to be expected, walk away with a smile, and be as the cat whose got the cream. If you are part of a group, discuss how you want to share crafting resources such as herbs and minerals etc, will you farm as you come to them and split between the group or will the group loot every other one etc, sometimes such matters should be talked about, when arranging looting rules, to save time further on in, saving time and focusing on whats important, the game and your characters development.

    Populated Areas (Villages, Towns, Capitals)
    Whether your talking in general chat, advertising your guild in Trade, or looking for people to join your party for PvP, AvA or large scale dungeon of some sort, there are certain ways you should represent yourself, by following a few rules you will nto get labelled a troll, and will be considered a professional player within that area, who is polite and respectful of others.

    Where can i find...?
    In many MMOs there a guards, for example in World of Warcraft if you couldn't find what you were looking for in an area, the first port of call was a guard who would give you a little description of the where to go, and usually highlight it on your mini-map allowing for quick and easy direction. This was a huge help and such a addition was very helpful and well received by the community, however it is taken for granted nowadays and just considered part of the game. Another option would be to ask in general chat in the chat channels, and see if there a kind people willing to answer questions for information you could of found on google, this being said it is often wise to search the internet first for information, alt-tab to your desktop and open your favorite search engine to find what you are looking for, if you don't try this first you may be met with "Nooob", "Look on the Internet", or "Ask a guard" this may seem very rude, but they do have a point, try to exhaust other options before spamming the general chat with your questions, it can be frustrating especially on a high population server on an MMO when you've asked a valid questions and the following comments appear straight after moving your comment out of sight "dude, where have you been?" followed by "sorry wrong chat", "anyone tell me where i can learn how to become enchanter" "Want to sell Arena boost - paypal accepted, 2200" you get my point, such things should not be on the chat channels, and people with valid questions, or information often get unheard and unnoticed, because of peoples laziness. Remember if you have exhausted all other options and must use General Chat, make sure to be polite saying please and thank you will go along way in getting a reply, and if they are friendly enough, might even give you something or ride to meet you and show you the way, this is not to be expected, and is rare, but it is nice when a person does.

    Note: Also ask in guild chat before asking in General, your fellow guild mates will be more likely to answer a team members question however obvious it may seem to them, for example if you asked "please can someone tell me where i can learn enchanting in Stros M'Kai?? :D" a guildie will be more positive in there response "yeah are you there now, i will show you the way" and with that invite them to a group and allow them to follow them to the trainer.

    More NO, NO's

    • A few frowned upon things, that you should refrain from, less you want to lose respect from the entire community in your faction, do not do any demeaning emotes to anyone from your own faction (yes, emotes have been confirmed), regardless of what has been said or done "/spit", "/punch" anything that can be seen to be offensive will look badly upon you, for example a person may of been whispering you, being a jerk in general, you may respond with a "/slap" all everyone in the city will see is Player1 slaps Player2, and instantly you will be branded a jerk, so refrain from the offensive emoting.
    • Do not swear or be abusive in general chat, you should be aware everyone in that zone will be privy to your conversation and as such you should step on the side of caution, these chat logs get monitored and teso will be no exception, if you are flagged by a player and reported, these logs will be read by a GM (Game Master) and can result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the severity and if you have received a warning already.
    • Don't beg for anything, do you think any of the level 50's in TESO, will get to where they are from begging for 50g, no chance, anyone who is worth their salt, will have got there through hard work and determination, as such do not fall into the trap of becoming one of those who spams trade channels asking for 20 gold, or begging for equipment, you will be ignored almost instantly, and will only go on to lose the respect from the community you are representing, as a guild leader i always act fast if someone reports one of my members begging for gold in trade, or by yell in concentrated areas of player. The way i look at it if they are wearing our name, they should wear it with pride and not disgrace it by asking for small sums of gold, there are ways and means to increase your in-game profitability, be that daily questing, quests in general, farming materials, working the AH (Auction House, and those are but a few way to make money, in wow for example, you can quite easily make 2000-3000g a week using the AH, and as such there is no excuse for beggers within a community. I strongly advice anyone who notices a gold begger, to report them to there teams GM, you will be amazed at how long that badge of honor floats above there head.

    (1) World of Warcraft - Master Guide (2nd Edition)
    (2) Tap (gaming)
    (3) Ninja Looting
    (4) Trains
    (5) Daggerfall Authority Forums

    This is still a work in progress and i'm hoping to update it with some information about battlegrounds, such as don't corpse camp, graveyard camp, negative emotes, leaving battlegrounds in the middles of one etc.
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    Can I get a TL;DR? lol

    But really has some valid points. LIKE THE INVITE SPAMMING! By Mjölnir! MAKE IT STAHP!
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    Damn man, good work. I guess that took you some time too :)
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    Daggerfall Covenant
    You could say that, I've been working on our guilds compendium but am sharing some of the info on tesoelite :), its basically based and styled on around 7 to 8 strategy guides and we want it to be content rich, one of these guides was the world of warcraft master guide you can buy in paperback, and has a similar layout and structure, but have made the necessary changes to both images and content to relate it to TESO, hoping to get the rest of the Introduction section finished on our website before the end of the month, then upload it onto here :D below is a sneak peak at Project Compendium we are currently working on, once it is finished the full version will be available for digital download in PDF format, that's 300 pages of content rich visually appealing information, the only downside is there's only 3 of us working on it, and it is taking its time, we want it to rival any strategy guide that the likes of bradygames or piggyback can offer. Hope some of you are interested, due to the time it is taking to put it together we will be asking for a 0.99 to 1.99 donation before you can download the full version, that is once its finished.

  7. onyxia

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    Ebonheart Pact
    holy cow that's alot of info, very nice job good sir /like
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    Aldmeri Dominion
    hmm, nice structure, I'm curious of the end product, like the layout alot
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    Daggerfall Covenant
    It's a nice set of basic general mmo rules, my question is what will the final compendium will contain? Don't get me wrong, it's always great to have any type of compiled information for all types of users but maybe I'm curious if the final one will contain actual game info or just generals?

    Oh and I hope this stays only here, I've seen some of your larger posts here re-posted on other teso forums :)
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    Wow that must have taken alot of work, some nice stuff in their!
  11. Elderstorm

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    Daggerfall Covenant

    Thank you, kind comments like these make doing these type of threads worth while :D

    Again thank you, and we are doing our best squeezing information out of those in the know, to get the compendium rich with information regarding the game, also want to adapt a style in the guide talking about character builds, specifically orientated towards PvE and PvP, as the two will not go hand in hand, and different sets of tools will be needed for different tasks, for those looking at the leaked beta footage, and no i will not talk about it, we have seen what the skill lines are, with this information, if you have experienced other MMO's you can make safe assumptions which abilities will complement one another, and in theory generate predicted super builds, which will in turn be OP'd in world PvP and AvA, a lot of its content will be general information designed to bridge the gap from standalone elder scroll games to the MMO scene for those unfamiliar with power leveling, crafting in general and the economy of an MMO, bridging this gap and giving people an understanding of how such a game works, and how to generate in game gold fast and effectively, we are writing this compendium with free choice in mind, offering suggestions and advice and not putting abilities people must choose down, of course we still don't know them all.

    The Contents of the Compendium are as follows (however the skeleton plan is in place but it is bare bones and is just for layout, please don't click the links, you cannot gain access to these. this has been copied and pasted from our site for everyone's reference to its contents, this being what we call the sneak peak ;)

    I. Introduction - Notes from the Compendium Team (Phase 1 of Project)
    • Foreword from The Daggerfall Authority (Complete)
    • Team Authority Compendium - Production Diary
    • Glossary - An MMO Terminology Thread
    • The Value of MMO Etiquette in The Elder Scrolls Online
    • Character Creation & Customization (Complete)
    • 50 things worth knowing about TESO (Work in Progress)
    • Dynamic Equipment, Enemy A.I & Leveling (Work in Progress)
    • The Holy Trinity (Group Dynamics) (Work in Progress)
    • Quests and Chain-Questing (Work in Progress)
    • Death and Resurrection (Work in Progress)
    • Controls and Configuration (Work in Progress)
    • General Commands (Work in Progress)
    II. Stepping Out into Tamriel - Learn The Ropes (Phase 2 of Project)
    • Cold Harbor / Tutorial - (Added Post Launch)
    • Stros M'Kai - Daggerfall Covenant (Added Post Launch)
    • Aldmeri Dominion (Added Post Launch)
    • Ebonheart Pact(Added Post Launch)
    III. Learning about Tamriel - Introduction from TDA Loremasters (Phase 3 of Project)
    • A World On The Edge Of Destruction - Glimpse of the World (Complete)
    • The Capitals of Tamriel - Breakdown on each Factions Capital
    • TESO Factions & Reputations - Faction Breakdown & Background Lore
    • Races of Tamriel - Breakdown on the Races, Suggested Classes & Lore
    • Classes of Tamriel - Builds and Skill Trees, Suggested Power Builds
    IV. Advanced Learning - Beyond the Basics (Phase 4 of Project)
    • Character Specialization - (In Progress)
    • Group Roles & Dynamic - Improving your performance within a team environment.
    • Crafting & Battlefield Importance - breakdown on the professions, there impact on the battlefield
    • Fast Travel & Mounts - reduce your travel plans and maximize your time on the battlefield
    • Economic Overview - Auction House and Mail System- learn how to profit from this amazing tool.
    • Guild Creation, Upkeep and Management - Builds, Running and Keeping a Guild Going (Complete)
    V. Dungeons and 2nd Tier Exploration - (Phase 5 of Project)
    • How Dungeons Work - (In Progress)
    • Dungeons - Daggerfall Covenant (Added Post Launch)
    • Dungeon Listing (Added Post Launch)
    VI. Once More Unto The Breach - PvP Masterclass - (Phase 6 of Project)
    • Art of War - Sun Zsu - Introduction to the mastermind of military combat and discipline (complete)
    • PvP 101 - Introduction to the world of player vs player (complete)
    • Common Warfare Tactics - play strategies (theory crafting at the moment)
    • Locations for PvP - play strategies (theory crafting at the moment)
    • PvP Dueling - 1v1 strategies, requiring a different approach (theory crafting at the moment)
    • World PvP - Keeps and Siege Warfare - play strategies (theory crafting at the moment)
    VII. Crafting - (Phase 7 of Project)
    • How Crafting Works - (Complete)
    • Equipment and Tools - (In Progress)
    • Gathering (In Progress)
    Yes, i'm stopping using the other forums for my posts and concentrating solely on TESO Elite :cool: this forums community seems to house some great people, looking forward to seeing this community grow more and more.
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    You know that I like long posts and all... but.... sheeesh.


    I still love you though Eldric Elderstorm how about a cookie?
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    Great job, maybe you should get with vexx and post these as guides.

    Etiquette sadly is on the delcine both in the real world and gaming in general. A part of the people playing these games feel because no one really knows them (especially true in a PUG group or cross sever group) they can get away with their anti social behavior. It only takes a few people to make general chat useless for everyone. There have been so many different things I seen / heard that fit in this area, way too many to list. I even seen whole guilds whose only purpose was to disrupt other people's enjoyment of the game. Also I have seen guild masters put up with crap from players, just because they wanted numbers in their guild or that player was a good player. Sadly these guild leaders then wonder why their guild tanks after all the decent people leave!

    I feel many of the features in games today are because of the lack of Etiquette.

    Example mat nodes in GW2 everyone can gather from. I couldn't count the number of times I have seen players "trained" or another player blowing all his/her CDs just to beat a closer player to that node.

    Also in GW2 everyone gets their own loot, ninja looting solved! While getting my own loot is nice, I like the old way better. It made for closer parties imho (unless you get that anti social jerk!)

    One of my big wishes for TESO, is that mature players (what ever their age) are the ones to play this game, and the jerks finds other games to play (but please not the ones I am still playing!)
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    I only play within my own community of friends, and rarely use PUG's, instanced dungeons and LFG are very much unwelcomed in my opinion, i do however like to use them as i play a lot more than most people i know and like to grind these for the best gear early on, and then concentrate on playing within our guild and with friends in general, passing on some loot to get people geared up themselves, makes for better gaming experience.

    Etiquette is in decline, too many rude players, but i think that's also down to the youth of todays gamers, too many children in games like wow, i think it would be brilliant if they could introduced mature gamer servers, for polite players. Still need to do the battleground section of this guide, hadn't finished that part.
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    Its great you have a strong community Eldric Elderstorm. But I have seen good guilds go bad, quick a guild mate invites his friend and that friend invites, etc, and it starts. (not saying all guilds) Its just not children but there are older gamers that are just anti social. One of the hardest things I had to do in game was black balling a friend from the guild I was in. He did anti social things and was not a team player. While I would group with him, I would not inflict him on my guild.

    Hmmmm, battleground etiquette!!! :eek: Stay alive at all cost! o_O Do onto others before they do it to you! :p

    LOL Sorry couldn't resist! :D
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    might have to add that one in there, that sounds like the golden rule lol, but seriously its going to cover stuff like graveyard camping, spawn camping, /emoting spit etc, the general things assholes do in MMO battlegrounds that ruin the game for others. And i agree with some being anti-social, it makes you wander why these people bother joining a guild at all, really strange. Some people find it hard to come out of their shell, if they want to be a hard boiled egg there's only one thing for it, crack it open :p lol
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    Daggerfall Covenant
  18. Yukonjack

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    Not strange, many of these types will join a guild to use it, get the most they can and then move on to the next guild, usually leaving their former guild in most worst shape. These types will bounce between servers or create low level toons for this purpose. Also they take advantage of the lack of strong officers in a guild. Many social guilds are very slow to say anything to their members if it might mean losing one. In some ways it mirrors real life, where anti social , con men , etc work an area and just move a mile or two down the road to start their trouble again on a whole new group of people. :mad:
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    Nice points! Thanks ALOT for the guide ;)

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