Banners Guide: How to find vendors and crafting stations


This guide is brought to you by our own @Isende

While traveling the continent of Tamriel, we often find ourselves in need of supplies. But, where to go? This is the question we ask ourselves; then we pull up our map and ponder over the small and seemingly arcane symbols. Mystic? What’s that, you ask? Do they sell anything, or are they only some form of trainer?

Below, you will find a handy guide to help you figure out “What’s your sign?” It’s a general purpose over-all guide; the pictures on the screenshots are the same icons you will find on your map as well as the banners of the crafting stations and/or vendors locations.

For most of the items on the following list, you’ll find vendors/trainers in the major cities of each faction, and sometimes they will occur in some form or another in smaller towns and villages.

This list is broken into three sections – Crafting Station/Vendors, Vendors, and Miscellaneous. All items are then listed alphabetically within their section.

Crafting Stations & Vendors

alchemyAlchemy & AlchemistPotions (health/stamina/magicka)View here
blacksmithBlacksmithing & BlacksmithUnknown heavy armor/weapons and motif crafting materialsView here
clothierClothing & ClothierUnknown light & medium armor and motif crafting materialsView here
enchantingEnchanting & EnchanterGlyphsView here
woodworkingWoodworking & WoodworkerWooden gear (bows, staffs, shields) and motif crafting materialsView here


BrewerBrewer (Campfires & Inns)Drinks (buff potions)View here
ChefChef (Campfires & Inns)FoodView here
General-merchandiseGeneral Merchandise & InkeepersPotions, lockpicks & repair kitsView here
Heavy-ArmorHeavy ArmorerHeavy armorView here
Heavy-weaponsHeavy WeaponsHeavy weapons (axes, hammers, swords, mauls and daggers)View here
Medium-armorLeather ArmorerMedium armorView here
MysticMysticSoul gemsView here
TailorTailorLight armorView here
Woodworking-weapons-and-shieldsWood WorkingBows, staves and shieldsView here


Fighters-guildArmsman (Fighters Guild)All types of weapons and shieldsView here
bankBankAccount-wide storage and guild storeView here
haberdasheryHaberdasheryBag space upgradesView here
Mages-guildMagus (Mages Guild)Staves and jewlery (necklaces and rings)View here

Crafting Station & Vendors


At Alchemy stations, sells potions (health/stamina/magicka).

Alchemy - Alchemist


At Blacksmith stations, sells unknown gear (heavy arms and armor) and mats for motif crafting.

Blacksmithing - Blacksmith


At Clothing stations, sells unknown gear (light armor) and mats for motif crafting.

Clothing - Clothier


At Enchanting stations, sells Glyphs.

Enchanting - Enchanter


At Woodworking stations, sells wooden gear (bows, staves, shields) and mats for motif crafting

Woodworking - Woodworker


Brewer (Drinks/Tavern)

At campfires and inns, sells drinks (buff potions). For cooking fire, seek this icon:

Drinks - Tavern (Brewer)

Chef (Food/Tavern)

At campfires and inns, sells foods. For cooking fire, seek this icon: Cooking Fire Icon

Food - Tavern (Chef)

General Merchandise (also Innkeepers)

Sells potions, lockpicks, and repair kits.

General Merchandise

Heavy Armorer

Sells heavy armor.

Heavy armorer

Heavy Weapons/Weaponsmith

Sells heavy weapons.

Heavy Weapons - Weaponsmith

Leather Armorer

Sells medium (leather) armor.

Leather armorer


Sells soul gems.



Sells light armor.


Wood Working/Woodworker

Sells bows, staves, and shields.

Wood Working



Sells all weapons types, and shields. Found in Fighters Guild locations; only available to members of the Fighters Guild.



Account-wide storage and guild store (for guilds larger than 50 members).

With bank interface open increase bank space by purchasing from bottom of screen.


Bank space upgrade


Individual bag size increase; talk to merchant to purchase bag-slot upgrades.


Bag space upgrade


Sells staves, necklaces, and rings. Found in Mages Guild locations; only available to members of the Mages Guild.


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  • Dave Giff

    I’m trying to find the wordworking station in Mournhold. None to be found.

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    i was hoping to find out the locations of vendors for different levels/ranks, would be more helpful

  • Sunhead

    That is some nice work.
    for the EP they sometimes use the Merchant Scale banner on the Bank.
    I kid you not, in both Mournhold and Riften I have seen this.

    In Mournhold the Bank is directly behind the door with the Scale banner.
    at Riften the Bank building has the Scale banner on it.

  • Bragaul

    Stormhaven, DC 🙂

    I was hoping to find more of these grocers because some provisioning foods are difficult to come by.

  • Powell

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  • Bragaul

    Great work, thanks!

    I noticed an omission though. There's a grocer I ran across in Alcaire Castle that sells food ingredients. I'm still leveling so I don't know if he's unique or not.

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    Good guide! I always confuse myself between many different magus and other arcane dealers.

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