ESO Lockpicking Guide + Simulator


eso_chestAdventuring through Tamriel, you’ll find a bunch of locked treasure chests that yield awesome loot. However, to unlock these chests you’ll need at least one lockpick – lockpicks can be bought from certain vendors or it can be found on chests, drawers, wardrobes or boxes. All of these can be found scattered all over the word and again, don’t forget to leave any un-looted.

Lockpicking a locked treasure chest is a fairly simple process and once you get used to it, it will be way more easier to unlock advanced/expert level treasure chests.

How to pick a lock

To unlock a treasure chest you must first unlock each of its 5 pins in a given time period. As the lock level (lock difficutly) gets higher, the available timer decreases and the pins break easier.


  • Position your lockpick over a pin. You don’t have the do it in a given order, you can start and continue with any random pin.
  • Press and hold your left mouse button to push the pin until it starts trembling.
  • Release the mouse immediately and the pin will get locked down.
  • Do this with every pin and the chest will open.
  • If you release too early, the pins will reset. If you release too late, the lockpick will break.


TIP: When lockpicking a chest, turn the sound a little bit higher and you’ll hear when the pin’s about tho jiggle.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the how to, you are given a limited time to complete the unlocking process. Simple lock level chests give you a 25 seconds time frame while the more difficult ones decrease the timer. Also, it’s worth to mention that even if you fail a chest, you can retry it again if you have another lockpick.

And because people are awesome (thanks @twincannon on Reddit), we found a lockpick simulator so you can test and improve your skills. Enjoy!

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    very nice and HELPFULL post .

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    Heck yea. This definitely helped.

  • PeriousXanax

    Heh, i like this simulator. though i never had any issue with this in game. Lockpicking is like oblivions where the skill lv doesnt matter as much as the player being good at it, never raised lockpicking much in oblivion but could do pretty much any lock

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    This was fun.

  • It's not easy like that. Lockpicking in ESO is very difficult. 😀

  • Djef

    I feel like I should remind that only the UI part of the game is unlocked for modding. Moders won’t be able to create anything that will actually affect game play like in the other ES games. I could imagine a mod where the visuals of lock picking would be altered to maybe ”ease” it up a bit kind of like the one that ”helps” you block by making it more obvious when they charge a power attack but nothing that would unlock a chest for you would be available to download.

    I had a source where the Dev team explained if someone has it try to reply.