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quakecon-2013We asked, some begged, others may have sold their souls but we finally got what we asked for, actual game play footage.  On top of Zenimax providing us with game play they took it one step further and presented it to us LIVE via Twitch.

The game play shows off what we’ll see at the character creation screen.  One of the nice features is the ability to switch the type of gear you want to see your character in, from none, starting gear and veteran gear.  (Read more about Character Creation).

They show us a very brief moment when we got to see the character select screen.  Some things to note about this screen are in the top left corner it shows your character information (Name, Race, Level, Class, Location) below that are the game options which will most likely be the video/audio and game play settings.  Next comes the really important one, Addons.  We all know ESO will offer us the ability to customize the User Interface with the use of LUA Mods (think World of Warcraft mods).

Another thing to note is the size of the character selection window.  Nick Konkle (Lead Game Play Designer) has three characters he can choose from, a level 16 Templar which appears to be an Aldmeri Dominion faction character, a level 18 Templar for Ebonheart and the character we’ll be watching a level 16 Templar as well. These three characters only take up a small part of the selection window, if we extrapolate the size the three characters take, we’d be able to fit roughly nine to ten characters within that window.

They load into a zone called Deshaan, if you’ve played Morrowind you might be familiar with this area,  Nick shows off the Bow skill in first person and how easily you can switch from first to third person with a simple push of a button.  They show us how easy it is to switch from your bow to your second set of weapons in Nick’s case he swaps to dual wield.

We get to see a simple version of their “Looking for Group” system, he uses it to find people to enter the dungeon called Fungal Grotto, a dungeon located in Stonefalls.  Once he finds his group he uses a quick teleport to teleport to the closest wayshrine you’ve discovered During his adventure in this four man dungeon we get to see how the enemies work with the “pack mentality” as well as some of the boss mechanics we might encounter.

I’ll leave you all with the recorded version of the game play.

[youtube id=”2CB4b_Qh45k” width=”740″ height=”450″]

What are your thoughts on the game play? did you enjoy it? was it up to your expectations?

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  • Looks so awful that I cant find words. They spend half year to make combat anmation of Morrowind level?

  • vexx

    they already made it public via streaming 🙂

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