ESO: Know The Stats


Zenimax released a very exciting info graphics. What statistic surprises you the most?


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  • Loch Ness

    Just the best Ever :D… Will take a hell off a time to kill so many mudcrabs.

  • CaseyWurster

    Just makes me wish I had the game! I would so take on the Mudcrab challenge!

  • D3n.Mathews

    I thought world eats more burgers 😀 Thought there's more "read-hours" in books too. Measuring coffee in bath tubs is a fine way though 😀

  • Aithural

    can I have a Big Mac….Somebody help me with that….

  • Layfon Alsif

    this is awesome

  • muddsmoke

    nice! lol

  • Choji

    YES! I'll admit.. When I thought I had time to play and saw the downtime message….. $(*#&@($@^#($

  • Messy1

    I would not want to kill that many mudcrabs =(

  • Faentomet

    Love that they mention Norway at the top :3