ESO Giveaway: Round 5 Winner


I present to you, the Round 5 Giveaway winner. For those new to the giveaway, take a quick peek here, for the full prize pool and the round 1round 2, round 3, and round 4 winners.

Sooo.. let congratulate our lucky winner : RedSatyr Ridor for winning a Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset.

Redsatyr decided to decline this prize and put his name into the pool for next week. He felt that since he already owns a good headset that it should go to someone else.

The winner will be contacted via PM with instructions on how to claim the prize. If the prize isn’t claimed within the next 72hrs, we’ll do another draw.

As a reminder, even if you haven’t won yet, keep in mind that we still have one more round of prizes. After the current giveaway is over, we plan on doing at least 2 giveaways per month, so all your activity will be put to good use.

Also, with our Elite Gold currency, besides being able to participate into our constant giveaways, you’ll be able to purchase additional store items such as pre-paid cards, apparel and gaming peripherals (upcoming feature – more on this here)

Congratulations to our winner and good luck to all of you on all the future rounds.


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  • Messy1

    What . . . Or who . . . do I need to do to win around here? Jk congrats 🙂

  • picasso trigger

    Have you heard mine on mumble? Send it to me 😉

  • Gratz! 🙂

  • Valdez


  • Congratulations!

  • Twobit

    Congratulations, I'm jealous!!

  • D3n.Mathews

    Gratz man!

  • Possum