Enchanting Guide

enchanting guide

What is Enchanting?

Enchanting allows the player to create powerful glyphs which can be applied to any piece of gear. Unlike provisioning and alchemy, enchanting allows you to permanently buff your armor, jewellery and weapons. There are 3 types of enchanting glyphs: armor glyphs, weapon glyphs, and jewellery glyphs . You can craft glyphs in almost any town and typically, the Enchanter is in the same building as the Alchemist. If you have trouble finding them on the map, I suggest reading our banners guide and how to find vendors/crafters.

We strongly recommend using our enchanting simulator, to see the exact effects of each rune, quality and level requirements.

Glyph Creation & Discovery

To create a glyph, you need to combine a potency rune, an essence rune and an aspect rune. Each rune defines the final glyph as follows:

Potency Runes – These runes determine how high level you must be to be able to use the glyph. The potency runes are split in 2 categories, additive and substractive. These runes are essentially the “action” part of the glyph, defining if the effect is increased/intensified for the additive runes or reduced/negated, for the substractive ones.

Essence Runes – As the name implies, these runes are the most important part of the glyph since they decide the actual enchantment effect (ex: Fire Damage, Frost Resistance etc). All essence runes can be found in any zone, they aren’t restricted to a specific location or level.

Aspect Runes – The aspect runes define the quality of the glyph, from white (common) to yellow (legendary).

Glyphs can be extracted at any enchanting station, destroying the glyph in the process. Extracting a glyph will yield runes and inspiration points (crafting experience) for enchanting. You can increase the chance of getting runes by maximizing the enchanting skill line passive Aspect Extraction. Keep in mind that higher glyphs grants you more inspiration.

If you haven’t crafted any glyphs, once you combine three runes, you will discover and translate the respective runes. You’ll need to do this for all runes in order to get the achievement.

Enchanting Skill Line

AspectImprovement Aspect Improvement1/4Allows the use of Common (white) and Standard (green) Aspect Runestones.
PotencyImprovement Potency Improvement1/9Allows the use of Jora, Porade and Notade Potency Runestones to make Glyphs of levels 1-15.
KeeneyeRuneStones Keen Eye: Rune Stones1/3Runes in the world will be easier to see when you are 20 meters or closer.
Hireling Hireling1/3When you go offline a hireling will find Runestones for you. Your hireling refreshes every 24 hours.
AspectExtraction Aspect Extraction1/3Increases the chance of extracting Aspect Runestones by 5%.
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