Elder Scrolls Online Gathering and Exploration – Dissection


On Thursday Elder Scrolls Online released a video that showed us the gathering and exploration that we can experience within the game, along with a lot of information we didn’t know.  I’m going to dissect the video here and explain some of the things we saw.

How do you like them apples?

The first scene that jumped out at me was at 0:15.  Here we can see an active environment.  When it comes to immersion there is nothing worse than going into a city and everyone just stands there like statues.  We can see that the NPCs have a bit of life to them. We have one person in the foreground sharpening his cleaver and another NPC that appears to be pondering what he is going to purchase.  In the background is looks like we have more NPCs  browsing the show and maybe what appears to be a possible Bard. Looks as if he holding an instrument perhaps playing a rendition of Malukah’s Beauty of Dawn.

Paul Sage (Creative Director) goes on and talks about how much of the world is interactive.  We’re able open crates, barrels, night stands, dressers, baskets, we can even loot items directly off people’s tables.  Unlike other MMOs that have the ability to loot items throughout the world, within Tamriel (and any other future continent) the items we loot are useful and they can be used in the crafting system.

Argonian and Dunmer fishing

At 0:36 in we see that we’ll be able to mine nodes, harvest flowers, even fish.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, fishing has been confirmed in ESO.  Who doesn’t like to go spend countless hours by an ocean, river, or lake with the sun at your back a mug of the finest Tamriel ale in your hand.  Yes sir, sounds like a life for me. With fishing we’ll be able to choose which bait we want to use and experiment and see which bait works best for the type of fish we want to catch.


We’ll be able to discover new books to learn about lore–you can even learn about the Cheese of Tamriel. Books have always been a very intricate part of the Elder Scrolls games and in ESO there are hundreds of books. During my play time at PAX and I counted roughly 30 different categories of books each having roughly 10 books in each. If you enjoy scavenger hunts. ESO has a big one.

Mundus Stones – These stones function similar to the way they did in Skyrim offering the player added bonuses.  If you have played Star Wars: The Old Republic, think of them as Datacrons. They are placed throughout the world each one offering different types of bonuses, it can be anything from Armor skill increase to a weapon skill increase or possibly health/magicka/stamina. The primary difference between a Mundus Stone and a Datacron in SWTOR is when you activate a new Mundus Stone the previous bonus you received is replaced by the new bonus.

Skyshards – These are items you can find throughout the world.  They will provide you with additional skill points–it takes three Skyshards to get one skill point.

Lock picking in ESO

One of the most intriguing parts of the video is we finally get to see how Lockpicking will work.  If you have played Oblivion before you’ll be familiar with the look of the lockpicking interface. You are presented with a screen that has 5 tumblers and a 25second timer (based on skill of the lock, the timer can vary).  You need to push the tumblers down until you either hear the sound of the tumble shaking or you see the tumbler move. Once you see or hear the tumbler you need to release it and it should lock in place. If it doesn’t you need to do it again and release faster. Do this for all 5 tumblers and reap your rewards. Beware though, should you fail the lock pick you will be unable to perform another pick for a few seconds allowing someone else to ninja in and take your loot.

As we can see there is a lot of exciting features in ESO for us to do on our journey to recover our souls and save Tamriel from being pulled into Cold Harbour

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  • Sandman

    Mundo’s stones and skyshards have me excited for the exploration. Getting all the datacrons in swtor with my wife will always be a fond past time