E3 ESO Coverage: Twitch.TV Interview with Paul Sage



To continue the series of ESO interviews at E3, Twitch.TV invited Paul Sage to tell us more about the game.

How long have you guys been working on this?

We started about 5 years ago on the project

Where does this take place in the Elder Scrolls timeline?

This takes place a 1000 years before Skyrim. Set in a period we call the interregnum which is, there is history all throughout the Elder Scrolls, and this is at one place in time where all the histories are kind of gone, and people don’t know what is going on.

We have 3 different factions, who are they?

We have the Aldmeri Dominion faction, they are made of the Elves and the Khajit, except for the Eponheart Pack has the Dark Elves, the Argonians and Nords, then we have the Daggerfall Covenant which are the Bretons, Orcs and the Redguard.

Will there be familiar characters even though it is 1000 years before we met them?

We’ll have some call backs to some of the older games, Mannimacro will be in the game .  We have one character that kind of reoccurs throughout who couldn’t possibly exist now, his name is M’aiq the Liar and he’ll be in the game

What did you take from other MMOs and what did you take from your own game?

The work interactivity model was really important,  it’s about how you interact with the world, I can just take objects, I can take bread. Also the combat has to be kind of visceral, we want you to look at the world, we want you to avoid creatures,  we don’t want you to play the UI.  We want you play and see the world.

What kind of group / social items do we have?

One of the things we concentrated on was this informal grouping idea.  Which is if you fight a monster, you don’t want to have someone come up and not be able to help you fight that monster, because you’re worried you don’t get experience for helping them.  We incentivized people to come by and kill a monster with them and it makes this informal group, maybe nothing will come of it, but maybe you’re like “Hey, you want to go do this other thing in this area?

How do you personally develop as a character in this game?

That is a big question, there are so many ways you actually do that.  Quests have a lot of choices and how you derive the out come is up to you. [..] There is character development, character development is really important because you start out of a class choice, […] the nice thing about our classes is they are a template for what you like to do, from there you can equip any weapon, equip any armour. […] What you start out with and what you become is completely different and is all based off your choice.

What kind of feedback are you getting in beta?

Betas are incredibly valuable.  Some of the most interesting things is, how is the content developing for you, is this content something that is really compelling? and sometimes they’ll be say “I wish it was kinda of like this” and that is great, it helps us make the game better.

How am I going to interact with Dragons in the online world?

There are no dragons in this time period, well there are but there is a long story behind that

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