E3 ESO Coverage: New Gameplay Walktrough by Revision3



It’s day 2 at E3 and Paul Sage joined Adam Sessler to talk more ESO for the crowd’s delight. Like it was mentioned during previous interviews, the developers chose ESO’s timeline (approximately 1000 years before Skyrim) since there was no history written for that time before ESO and it allowed them to write the game’s lore with no limitation from existing records.

Also, Paul Sage reminded us that from the very beginning, their intention was to make the game include MMO elements, combined with the look and feel of single-player Elder Scrolls games. He also talked a bit about the challenges of developing an online multi-player game compared to the single-player format. Among generic information about classes, races and questing, Paul Sage mentioned how death works in ESO. The concept of soul gems isn’t a novelty for any Skyrim player, “you’ll need a soul gem to resurrect on your own” and “you’ll also be able to resurrect your buddies like that”. If that’s not possible, the player will have to travel back to a wayshrine.

As you’ll see from the video, a lot of general info was discussed at the table with some  scarce “new” gameplay footage.

[youtube id=”s0BqW1JrHkQ” width=”740″ height=”450″]

Machinima’s and Gamespot’s ESO interviews are coming soon, so stay tuned.

  • Machinima — 1 pm PST
  • Gamespot – 4:40 pm PST


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