E3 ESO Coverage: IGN Interview with Paul Sage


elder-scrolls-online-E3To continue the series of ESO interviews at E3, IGN invited Paul Sage to tell us more about the game.

What is this game in a nutshell?

In a nutshell? It is the first time you can play Elder Scrolls Online, that means you can play with your friends

From the PS4 perspective, was it weird starting talks with Sony?

Everybody has been great about this and we’re super excited to bring it to the consoles.  For an MMO it is not always common to come out on consoles and that is something we’re really looking forward to.

What was the mantra for making this game?

One of the things we did right away was, we sat down and said, “Hey, what do we like about MMOs and what do we like about Elder Scrolls?” We wanted to make it really engaging that means taking away a lot of the interface.

What are [New Players] getting in terms of game play?

We just recently announced first person mode, when we started out we wanted to make sure third person was really good.  First person brings such a depth of engagement to the game that we felt was really important.

Is the controller going to be a challenge to make all this work?

I think the great thing about controllers is it helps you simplify things in a lot of ways, help you simplify your thinking.  What that does is allows you to just think about the game itself and the game play. We wanted to make sure the keyboard and mouse really works well so the UI will be different from the console version than it will be for the PC version but it will still be that same great experience.

What about the next-gen consoles made you guys think it is time?

It is something we’ve always wanted to do is make it on console.  I think the beauty of it is that these consoles are so powerful and about on pace with PC and Mac and allows us to bring it so easily because we’re at that parity level.

Do you see Next-Generation making your studios life easier? 

Any time you develop on multiple platforms it will always be a bit more difficult but I think the fact that Sony and Microsoft are committed to making the development process as easy as possible.

How much can you tell us about if you’re supporting the Holy Trinity?

With progression one of the things you get is when you choose a class and you have 4 classes in the game they kind of fit what your typical role might be so we have a Dragonknight a Sorcerer, a Templar and we have a Nightblade. What that does is allow people to start off very comfortably with their fantasy but then it really opens up.

Are you imaging people to transfer from Skyrim to this very easily?

You’ll see people playing together, and that is kind of for us very special, it is kind of like Skyrim, you have a lot of those major stories, those quests, for instance if you’re out to save a princess or out to end the Daedric prince’s influence in a certain place and all of a sudden there is something over to the side you see a dungeon, the way the world is developed the way the content is developed is to make sure we engage the player a lot in the world itself.

We’re having PvE and PvP?

Absolutely, PvP takes place in Cyrodiil.

Are we going to participating in the events we read about in Elder Scrolls?

Absolutely, one of the things that we did early on in the project was we read all of the books in the game.  We took the stories we liked best and asked how do we get those stories into the game so players can play some of those stories.  We have The Battle of Glenumbra Moors, we have a lot of different things the players have read about.

When is it coming out?

They’ll be able to play The Elder Scrolls Online, PC/MAC/Xbox One/PS4 in the Spring of 2014

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