E3 ESO Coverage: GameTrailers TV Interview with Matt Firor



As you most of you probably know by now, The E3 week has begun and today, ESO had a GameTrailers TV interview with Matt Firor. The interview was a bit shorter than expected, but here are the highlights, for those who missed it:

  • Once again Matt Firor confirmed the game will have both 1st person and 3rd person view modes.
  • They aim to launch the game in Spring 2014, on all 4 platforms.
  • They are already working on post-launch content updates.
  • They will not announce a payment model during E3.
  • ESO will be available for both PS4 and Xbox One consoles. The PS4 will however get the ESO beta a bit earlier than its competitor.
  • ESO will not be cross-console
  • There won’t be any dragons in the game but they will introduce new cool beasts, summoned by the Prince himself.

While we were slightly dissapointed by this  brief interview, we’ll see what Zenimax has in store for us in the upcoming E3 interviews. For those planning ahead, here’s what interviews you can expect tomorrow:

Revision3– 10 am PST
Machinima — 1 pm PST
Gamespot – 4:40 pm PST

As always, we’ll try to cover all interviews by bringing you guys the important highlights, so stay tuned.

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