Development: Elite Gold, Addons and future plans


We’ve been a bit quiet regarding development here at Teso Elite but we’ve worked hard on bringing you guys 2 awesome features: The Elite Gold system & Addons. We have some other nice features in the lab (*cough* Guild Directory *cough*) but more on that later.

The Elite Gold

I think most of you are familiar with the traditional forum gold system, popular on sites such as d2jsp – we’re doing something similar here but different in many ways. Basically, you’ll be able to earn Elite Gold (as we like to call it) by doing different things on the site such as: creating threads, replying to posts, getting likes, followers…the works. I’ll provide a bigger list with some of the major gold earners below. Long story short, stay active and involved with our community and you’ll earn alot of gold. Now the question remains, what would you do with all that gold?

– participate in our future contests/giveaways
– trade in-game items from our Market (in development)
– buy REAL items (gaming gear, codes, apparel etc) from our Store (in development)
– buy a featured slot in our Streams section
– buy ESO pre-paid cards
….and many more

Earning gold is pretty easy, like I said, being an active member should paint the whole picture, but here are some major earners:


  • being logged daily
  • referral awards (getting people to register to our site using your own referral link, more on that below)
  • earning Trophies (more on trophies here)
  • following and getting followed by fellow members
  • creating new threads (longer threads will earn you more gold than smaller ones)
  • getting your threads stickied (class guides for example)
  • getting likes on your threads
  • custom daily actions & events
  • adding/uploading addons


For more details, give this a read.


Due to popular demand, we’ve also implemented an Addon repository.

Main features include:

– categorized sections
– the ability to add an external url or uploading them to our servers
– icons & screenshots
– community reviews
– version history (we’ll also keep the previous versions)
– featured addons
– popular addons
– earning gold for uploading/adding addons

The Referral System

The referral system is a sub-feature to our Elite Gold System. Every TE member can earn additional gold by referring our site to their friends, using their own custom referral code. Once the referred users register to the site, you’ll get a set amount of gold for each referral. Evidently, you’ll be able to see your referrals and how/if they converted to Elite Gold. You can get your referral code by going to the Referrals page from the drop down menu or simply by getting in from the “Your Information” tab on the left side. Here are some screenies:


Our future plans

As I said, we’re actively working on a bunch of projects and while we’re getting closer to the finish line with some, others may be delayed a bit due to the nature of the testing. Without getting too boring, let’s see what we have cookin’:

Guild Directory – a place where any member can create his promo guild page, invite members…the works.
The Shop – this will be THE place to spend your forum gold. Supplies will be limited in a given time frame but will include but not limited to: gaming gear (mice, keyboards, headsets), ESO pre-paid cards, apparel (t-shirts, statues, chains etc),  ESO shop items
The Marketplace – a place where you can trade in-game items (armors, weapons etc).

As always, we love to hear your feedback/suggestions – don’t be shy, let us know what you think.

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  • SpernedKnight

    Can we give our gold to friends on this site if they want it more than us?

  • Lord Walter Bernhard

    I'm trying to make elite gold as quickly as possible. I want a custom title! Also its "a lot", not "alot."

  • Elcono

    Well I think this is awesome. I am so glad I came across this website! : )

  • Medicinall

    Love this place…

  • santos Robles iii

    I will try and take advantage of every offer you guys do. I love this site and have been watching your streams all the time.

  • Possum

    I think it's a nice idea and should encourage active participation. Hopefully it doesn't also encourage some to post meaningless crap just to boost their count.

  • Ardis

    Sounds like a fun system! SO I referred three of my buddies to the site, but don't think I earned any gold for them. I see them on the referral count list, is there any other way to confirm the gold they got for me? Thanks!

  • vexx

    We're gonna reset the gold for everyone after we finish the testing, so everyone will start at the same gold level and earning chance. Depending on the internal balancing, we may add current followers to our calculus. We'll keep you posted.

  • KnightoftheAltmer

    Pity it dosent include current followers or previous threads posted.

  • Grayson

    Love it, love it, love it. I think this'll help bring an awesome and consistent userbase to TESO Elite.

  • This is some really amazing stuff that all our members should be taking advantage of.

    Never heard of anything like The Elite Gold anywhere. Amazing stuff @vexx