Craglorn Wallpapers


Zenimax has released some fantastic Wallpapers for us to use. They show off the new Craglorn Adventure Zone we are all waiting so patently for.

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Grab these new wallpapers and avatars and prepare for your expedition to the upcoming Adventure Zone.

Craglorn is going to need heroes like you to fight back against the threats facing the region and unravel the mystery of the fallen guardian constellations. You’ll take on dangerous enemies as you travel the zone’s rocky expanse with your allies, and opportunities for adventure will meet you on every path you explore. We hope you’re looking forward to the new Adventure Zone–while you wait, you can decorate your desktop with these new wallpapers that feature places you’ll be able to visit when Craglorn opens up!

We’ve also created 33 Craglorn-themed avatars for you to choose from on our forums. Take a look and find your favorite.


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  • muddsmoke

    Nice! These look good.

  • vexx

    no love for 2560 px 🙁