Crafting: The Quick Facts


Earlier today Zenimax released a new article discussing crafting and providing us some, quick facts about the crafting system.

One thing you’ll notice about the crafting in ESO is that the different skills offer varying levels of complexity. We want you to be able to get something out of crafting even if you aren’t making it your character’s focus. And, conversely, if you want to invest a lot of time and effort, we want the rewards to be worthwhile. To that end, each craft is different. Provisioners simply find recipes and ingredients throughout the world, and they can cook or create drinks as long as they have a recipe and the corresponding ingredients. Enchanters and alchemists will need to experiment a little more, discovering the traits of ingredients or the meanings of runestones. Finally, smiths (the most complex) can create weapons and armor, learn different racial styles, discover secret crafting stations that impart set bonuses, deconstruct items to learn new traits, improve item quality with boosters only they can obtain, and make tons of decisions about the items they craft. No matter how invested you are in crafting, there’s something for you.

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  • Several crafting disciplines allow you to contract a hireling by spending points in a skill. That hireling will send you a steady supply of useful materials and updates on his or her adventures.
  • Anyone can harvest materials, but only those that invest points into crafting skills will learn how to get the most benefit from resource refinements and item deconstruction.
  • Crafters can learn how to spot resources in the world at great distances that would be overlooked by those with less training.
  • There are secret crafting stations hidden throughout the world. Rumor has it that powerful set bonuses can only be imparted to items when they are crafted in those locations.
  • There are 15 different racial styles for smiths to learn! Racial styles can be learned from special books found through exploring and adventuring.
  • With the right tempers, tannins, or resins, a smith can improve an item all the way to legendary quality. Smiths who spend points in their skills will have a better chance to improve gear with these boosters than those who don’t.
  • Make sure to talk to NPCs. Some may have Provisioning recipes to share.
  • Alchemists can discover the first of four properties of an ingredient by sampling it. The others must be discovered through experimentation while creating potions.
  • Using the right ingredients, an alchemist can make extremely powerful potions with multiple beneficial effects. We think everyone who wants to do battle in Cyrodiil will want to know a good alchemist.
  • The language developed for Enchanting is based on syllables that have their own meanings. Each runestone has the symbol for its syllable etched on it, and each glyph (combination of three runestones) has its own pronunciation.

Was there anything new that you did not know?

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  • Lord Walter Bernhard

    Can we name the items we make like in previous Elder Scrolls games?

  • Libertylight

    Great yea now only if I can find somewhere to sell my wares not into rules more independent never seen a I in clubs .

  • SoullessBattlehorn

    I'm curious, where/how do you find the books?

  • BlackHorde

    This is where you can live in a roleplay environment, to be a full time crafter and sever the costumers in your guild and alliances. There will be sacrifices, and limits to your build, but with respec system you can change all that later on after you level up can gather Skill Points from SkyShards to Rare Monster Kills.

    What's a Full Time Crafter?

    – Someone who's addicted to harvesting and creating gear for everyone.
    – Someone who's gonna try to con you out of gold for a item.
    – Someone who's gonna make you drool over a legendary item with legendary enchants.
    – Someone who's there to make your life easier, or so you think hahahaha.

    P.S. I will try not to make you drool too much…


  • Harper

    No, it isnt really feasible to "only" craft. Its really not like other MMOs, you dont gain any xp from crafting. What makes it not so viable, is that since you arent leveling, you need to get skyshards for skill points, which requires exploring and many times combat. Also, you would still need to level to reach higher zones with the ingredients you need, or have friends/guild to supply you.

    You would also have to eventually quest, if you need more skill points. Either for more skyshards in other factions, or skill points from the skill points themselves. Moving to a new faction does require completing prerequisite quests.

    So no, I would say its not really viable at all to be a "pure" crafter. But then again, you dont really play an Elder Scrolls game just to craft, you should have at least some small interest in questing and lore and exploring.

  • DrGerm

    I don't know because I didn't experiment with this in the Beta, but I wonder if it's feasible to "Only" craft. i.e. can you level through crafting only? Or would one have to grind levels like anyone else but then mainly spend your points on crafting perks (instead of combat perks)

  • Bowstripe

    Haha knew all of it, but it should be helpful for those who haven't played or haven't spent time crafting. Thanks for the post 😀