Crafting Basics (Video Guide)



As a gateway to gold and gear crafting is an essential part of Elder Scrolls Online.  Here at TESO Elite our amazing writers have and continue to produce some of the best guides and walkthroughs on the internet for ESO crafting. The following videos will run you through the very basics of crafting in Elder Scrolls Online, from where and how to gather basic materials to how to find and use crafting stations. Combined with our in depth guides TESO Elite will make you a master crafter in no time.

Part 1 – Overview and Gathering

A quick overview of the crafting skill lines and how to gather basic materials.


Part 2 – Stations and Refining

How to find and use crating stations and refine raw materials.

Part 3 – Deconstruction and Creation

How to de-construct and create items.

Part 4 – Improvement and Research

How to improve the quality of items and research traits

Part 5 – Crafted Sets

What crafted sets are, how to use them and where to find them


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  • Provisioning mats can be found inside everything, I didn't think to make a video about them because I figured anyone who has ever clicked on an anything would of realized that prov mats are everywhere lol