[Contest] Show your faction pride



As promised, the time has come for our first contest. Since the game’s launch date has been pushed “slightly”, there’s no better way to keep you guys plugged in the ESO Universe than a series of contests, right?

We have 3 awesome prizes to give out for our 3 lucky winners:

– 1st and 2nd place: 2 x Elder Scrolls Online Fray Lithograph worth $40 each
– 3rd place: a limited edition PAX ESO T-Shirt (size: US – XL) – the winner of the T-Shirt needs to choose a faction

The topic of our first contest is Show your faction pride. As the name suggests, you need to show us why you love your faction or why you’re so damn proud of it, in the comments down below. You can submit a small article, a short story, fan art, video or maybe just some random rant about your awesome faction. Once you’ve added that comment, you can enter the contest using the form below.

How To Enter:

  • Leave your submission in the comment section below.  Your submission can be any form of media (Youtube, Audio, Written Article, Roleplay, Artwork, etc..) that represents pride for your faction.  An example could be a story of a Khajiit being victorious over a Nord, an image of a Khajiit standing over the corpse of the Nord.
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Choosing a Winner:

The winner will be chosen randomly via Random.org.  Only the top 15 entries with the most points will be placed into Random.org.

How To Earn Points

– your “Show your faction pride” comment (mandatory+10 points
– tweet about our contest (optional) +1 point (can be done daily, earning 1 point per day)
– like our Facebook page (optional) +2 points
– follow us on Twitter (optional) +2 points

Good luck!

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Update: The contest has ended and the winners have been announced here

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  • oBKidd

    Aldmeri Dominion All the way. Way better starting zone and more Vista to gameplay. Hands down

  • Imay

    Intelligent and creative, honorable and patient. Proud. We are born to rule. We are meant to rule. And we will.
    Aldmeri Dominion.

    And here, see my Altmer costume from the trailer :DD

  • EvilEtho

    Aldmeri Dominion is awesome, with the wood and high elfs, along side the khajiit. they will be unstoppable.

  • Roose Deen A

    The Ebonheart Pact is the one that i will represent.
    as other means of joining the war is not as noble as us The Ebonheart Pact.
    The Aldmeri is a tyranny as also The Daggerfell.
    Ebonheart moves when needed by tamriel.

    Nords are ficious and natural-born warrior, strong and unstoppable.
    Argonians are agile and unique, they blend to the nature and can do good ambushes.
    Dunmers or Dark Elves are good magician and healers, whats good an army will if without a healer.
    As Nords wil topple other alliances form the front.
    Argonians will suprise them and attack from the rear.
    With Dunmers blasting and healing from the backs.

  • Ellen

    Aldmeri Dominion, all day every day

  • Senyn Blackwolf

    My pride lays in the Ebonheart pact. Why? Well. Thats a good question.

    The nords are harsh and tough viking like mortals, with honor that is so dear to them. As said, they are natural born fighters, and they will never give up. Their harsh cold homelands has made them strong and they know what they fight for after their homelands has been taken from them.

    The dunmer are also tough, but in a slighter way than the nords. The dunmer share the harsh homelands, that has been invaded, so they also have a target in the war. Also, they are great sorceres.

    The argonians are mystirious, and they are known for their naturally skill for sneak. They are great assasins and spys, as some of them as eggs, were sent for training at assasin organisasations.

    So, why should the other factions win? What are they fighting for? They should not get to invade our homelands once more. We have our eyes on the prey, and after cathcing that prey, we gladly go to the horizon

  • Tsunade

    The Aldmeri Dominion stands as a towering force over all factions. Unlike dagger fall we’re not a group of buffoons who wish to be ruthless and barbaric in their means of approaching the throne, nor like the unstable Ebonhart which is a group of destruction. We pride ourselves with being the creators of the white gold tower and having the purest of races. Our high elves have blood of the true nobles of this land and pride ourselves with being the strongest of sorcerers. Then their are our beautiful wood elves which use their divine skills with the arrow to swiftly travel as agile beings. Of course we can’t forget about the Khajit wise and strong creatures who have taken the stance of nobility in this battle. We are not only the strongest of all the alliances, but the most noble and dutiful. Unlike the others we bear no grudge against mankind, instead we implement our authority due to necessity of order. If any other alliance were to seize the throne chaos would rain through the land like wildfire. Due to our aesthetic fighting skills and unyielding will of honor and prosperity, the new rulers of Tamriel cannot be anyone but us.

    …………. With divinity we shall reside.

  • Lovaan1243

    Drem yol lok. My name was Ben. Today I am known as Lovaan Ruuz. I am a Bosmer from Valenwood and have the ears to prove it. I’ve been playing TES since Morrowind and I can’t wait for TESO! I am the first (to my knowledge) to be a serious believer in the Nine Divines and am in the middle of writing the Imperial Cult bible in the Dov alphabet (I know, I’m an elf that believes in the Nine. Sue me) I even own an amulet of Talos! I’m here to show my pride for the Aldmeri Dominion and pray to Kynareth to win a contest!

  • The White Prince

    The Daggerfall Covenant because the Bretons are Magic specialists and would provide ranged support for long and short range, redguards could be light scouts and orcs could be front line tanks

  • Chili Skovhus

    While the other factions are fighting with their physical strength and their army numbers, the Ebonheart pact is counting on the inside. The greatest and strongest man might lose, if his heart does not truly know what it is fighting for. True we are all great, but without a target, you will never reach a destination. The Ebonheart pact knows what they are fighting for. After their homelands has been taken from them over and over, they now want what is rightfully theirs. Their harsh homelands has given them strength. Their honour is worth more than gold for them. They would never betray an ally. Never would they kneel before their enemys, because they would rather die than being left behind. Dishonoured. They will fight till the end, even if it they are different, even though they’ll lose. Because they have what the other factions have not. A target, and a horizon.

  • Chamo

    Ebonheart Pact for sure!

  • Chili Skovhus

    The Ebonheart pact, in more explained way: They are different, and they give a damn. They fight for honor, and their courage will break down Aldmeri dominion and Daggerfall convenant. And i can tell everyone (and i think i speak for everyone) when i say, that they would rather die than kneel on their knees like whelps before their enemys and foes. Their blades are guided towards any enemy, and they fight with the force of the ancient dragons.

    Without fear in their souls.

  • Chili Skovhus

    The Ebonheart pact will win! Their pride, courage and strength will overwhelm Tamriel, and restore the peace with the steel of the Nords, the magic of the Dunmer and the silenced blades! Their shields will knock back any evil that may lure behind it! The balance will be restored. Aldmeri dominion and Daggerfall convenant, prepare! Even though we are not many, our will that is fiercer than the mighty wins, will guide our blades to victory!

  • Albecarlsen


    The Khajiit was the first species ever in tamriel, and they are loyal and strong in nature. The population of the proud feline Khajiit has dwindled in recent years following a devastating outbreak of Knahaten Flu. They owe a great debt to Ayrenn, Queen of the High Elves, for her help in restoring order from the chaos that followed the plague. They have a wry wit and a hedonistic outlook, but they are fearsome on the field of battle. They are the strong arm of the Aldmeri Dominion. The folks of Tamriel call them by names, and many people hate them for thier sneaky nature.

  • Stephen

    The Daggerfall Covenant is easily the top of the food chain in this blooming tale of alliances, factions, and war. The reason behind this distinguishable edge is due to the symbiotic meshing of the three races that make up the faction.

    First, the Orcs are the best smiths in the known world. They can mold and forge armors and weapons that will easily give an edge to the Daggerfall Covenant in battle. Battles are not won just by strength or strategy, but also by the preparation and quality of the weapons in the battle as well. They are also talented in battle, knowing how to use their strength as an advantage. Plus, no one wants to meet an Orc on the battle field when they are exerting their berserker rage of course. Orcs also have Malacath on their side, their patron Daedric Lord.

    Next we have the Bretons. These flexible, but very crafty people are well versed in weaponry as well as magic. They primarily will be casters and magic-bearers, but in a pinch, they can unleash furious attacks with melee or ranged weapons. Bretons are very loyal and have outstanding skills in mercantile trade and more.

    Finally, the Redguard is a tide changer for the Daggerfall Covenant. Having the most naturally talented warriors in Tamriel is a huge favor. These dark-skinned warriors can easily take out opponents with ease. They have a wide range of weaponry they can use, so they are lethal from distance, or in close quarters. They also can use a wide assortment of armors. This gives them the flexibility to be a heavy armored warrior fighter, or a light armored rogue and everything in-between.

  • Dalton

    Ebonheart Pact shall decimate the the puny races of the Aldmeri Dominion and Daggerfall Covenant! We shall protect ourselves with the force of a dragon!

  • Aldmeri Dominion, for the Queen!
    And Bosmer.

  • Warmor

    Whoosh,Whoosh! Boulders fly overhead into the castle walls arogonians, dark elves, and nords scream in unionism. As they rush the unexpected enemy they show no mercy as they hammer through he front lines. Wave after wave of enemies didn’t phase them for the Ebonheart Pact don’t just simply get defeated. The Aldmeri Dominion and Daggerfall Covenant can’t effect the Ebonheart Pact’s strength, bravery, courage, and honor so easily because we are strong internally and externally. We have a mission a mission for power and no one is going to get in our way no one is going to get in the EBONHEART PACT’S way without a fight to the death! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Ryan P.

    Arrows of wood elves whizzed past their allies fur tufted ears and streaked into the battlefield heavily laden with enemies of the Aldmeri Dominion. Nords showing their brutish behavior and distaste for the elves trudged through the hail of arrows and magic that was volleyed onto them from atop the hill. The Khajiits lay in wait in the tall grass for the their dull witted adversaries. When their trap was about to spring, fire began to reign down into the grass as the Nord’s trusted allies, the Dunmer, reached the battlefield in time to foresee the demise of their friends, outwitting their elven brethren. With them skulked the sneaky conclusion to their alliance, the mysterious Argonians. The two forces now seeing each other for the first time in their fullest, both seemed to halt for a moment. All arrows and casting of spells ceased for a brief moment as both armies seemed to size up the impending clash. Then, what seemed to be simultaneously, with a roar of voices from both sides they rushed towards each other. A smashing of swords and shields, of splintering arrows and all manner of ice, fire and lightning lit up the clouded sky. Bones broke and blood was split. The armies began to wear each other thin and the battle raged on. As a Nord towered over a fallen and injured Altmer, he lifted his sword on high and began his downward stroke. The Altmer’s eyes were unblinking as before the stroke fell an axe suddenly tore into the Nord’s armor and deep into his ribs and flesh. The Nord, shock covering his face, turned to see his attacker. But before his head made it the full 90 degrees it was cleaved from his body by a second axe. Blood spurted from his neck and his body became limp and fell. The large shadow of an Orc loomed over his fallen enemy. He bent down and retrieved his other axe from the belly of the fallen Nord. The Altmer, whose life had been spared, did his best to sputter out a quick thanks, but before his sentence was complete the the sword of a Redguard quickly sheathed itself through the crown of his head and into the dirt, pinning his twitching body to the ground in a most unpleasant manner before the sword was released from its fleshy scabbard. Behind them a large, icey, daedric figure came upon an Argonian and with one arm flung him into the air and onto a crowd of his allies. While placing its frosted spike of an arm through the back and spine of a Bosmer who thought he had been hidden. The Breton, who had just summoned it, made his way to his allies. The three looked at each other and then into the rest of the battlefield which was quickly beginning to stir with a single message that chilled once boiling blood: The Daggerfall Covenant had arrived.