Bethesda Video Policy Update


Do you enjoy posting videos of your game play to YouTube or other similar websites? I do as well, but there is always a lingering issue that can show it’s ugly face sometimes, copyright infringement.

Bethesda has updated their policy and has outlined exactly what we can do with our recorded footage.

I think this is a fantastic update, as it encourages the community to show off what they can do and it shows Bethesda/Zenimax what players are doing with their game. Not only does it encourage more Lets Plays, but it also means the community has the ability to take their creativity one step further and create small mini movies using in game footage.

What do you think of this change?



We encourage (and are big fans of) the many videos created by our community that use assets from our games – including, but not limited to “Let’s Play” videos, instructional videos demonstrating our modding tools, and fan service tributes using gameplay and music from our games. We’re okay (and encourage) these videos being posted on video services like YouTube or on your personal website and/or blog. It’s also okay for you to monetize your videos via the YouTube partner program and similar programs on other video sharing sites. Keep in mind that if you use content from someone else (i.e., music) you will have to get permission from the owner as well. If you run into issues with this process, please reference this page when talking to site administrators. Due to the large number of videos created based upon our games, we ask that you reference this post when corresponding with YouTube or other video services.

Note: There are particular cases where we may pull down or request videos be removed. Such cases include, but are not limited to:

  • Posting leaked video content from illegally obtained versions of our game or share information on illegally obtaining our games.
  • Videos, including Beta content, that violate non-disclosure agreements between our company and players.
  • Videos that feature wildly inappropriate content. While we’re generally okay with most content, some content crosses a line we’re not comfortable with.
  • Any videos that we deem need to be removed – because, let’s be honest, people come up with stuff that hasn’t even occurred to us yet.

We hope this answer questions regarding our video policy. Thank you for supporting our games.

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  • Nyara

    This is really great for those of us that like to show off games. Sometimes it's player videos that help promote games more than AD's or game trailers.