Are you an “Emote-ist?”


Will your Emote make it?
Will your Emote make the cut?

There is an ESO epidemic spreading on the internet and folks are catching it in the form of creating emotes in the ESO Emote Creation Contest.

Have you come up with an entry? View the ESO emote entries on YouTube.

Emotes are an integral part of any online gaming experience ranging back from text-based role-playing games to the latest and greatest graphically enhanced MMORPGs. One of my favorites was the /quizzle emote in Medievia, which made your character raise an eyebrow like Mr. Spock!

In my opinion, emotes enhance the role-playing aspect of the game and allow a person to express themselves in the manner that they enjoy. They are very often used in creative and sometimes vulgar ways, such as dancing on the remains of heavy hitting monster boss or sitting on someone’s face after vanquishing them in PvP.

Based on the list of emotes put out by ZOS for ESO, the game promises to allow a wide variety of expressions to give every player a chance to take center stage!

What are some of your favorite emotes? Oh and by the way check out video #57 on the ESO Emote contest YouTube playlist to see my /alenow emote! Better yet, make a video and send the YouTube link to ZOS. All the entry steps are listed on the ESO Emote Creation Contest page. Cheers!

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