Crafted Item Sets Guide

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ESO Crafted Item Sets Guide

In The Elder Scrolls Online, players have the opportunity of wearing items sets. These sets give special bonuses to the player: some of them have a 3 items bonus and others have bonuses  for 3 items and 5 items.  Also, you can improve the set items quality like you would for any other items and enchant them with glyphs. Some of the set bonuses scale with the item level and quality while others are fixed.

Types of item sets

There are 3 types of items sets in ESO:

- Crafted item sets - these can be crafted by Clothiers, Blacksmiths and Woodworkers (obviously the required profession depends on the type of item you want to craft).
- Dropped item sets - these can be found throughout Tamriel as drops from mobs and bosses and are not craftable. The set items’ quality can be improved by the appropriate crafters.
- PVP item sets - some can be acquired as random drops from PVP reward boxes while others can be purchased directly, using Alliance Points from merchants in Cyrodiil.

Item sets mixing & matching

ESO provides a lot of freedom when it comes to wearing item sets. First of all, you can wear multiple types of armor from the same item set and still get the bonus(es). Secondly, you can get bonuses from multiple item sets. How many depends not just on your personal preferences but also on your weapon choice. 2-handed weapon wearers have only 8 item slots, while those who are dual wielding (1h/1h) or using 1-hand and shield have 9 item slots. As a result, the following combinations are possible:

Dual Wield/1-Hand and Shield

- 3 items set+ 3 items set+ 3 items set OR

- 3 items set+ 5 items set

Two Handed

- 3 items set + 3 items set OR

- 3 items set + 5 items set

These are the possible set bonuses combinations, but only for craftable sets. There are several non-craftable sets that have bonuses for 3,4 and 5 items. Also, some sets include jewelry (rings and neck), which could add up to 3 more item slots. The only problem with jewelry is that for now it can’t be upgraded so you must find it at the appropriate quality, which is a bit more difficult.

Boots of Hist BarkHow To Craft Item Sets

There are a few requirements for the craftable item sets, that you must meet in order to craft them (besides materials):


Each set has a number of traits you must have discovered for any item of the set you want to craft. The sets with the lowest requirements need only 2 traits researched, but they can go as high as 8 traits. For example, if you want to craft a helm from the Death’s Wind set, you need to have 2 traits discovered for helms (any 2 traits). This is a major incentive for players to research traits, since it’s a lengthy process, even for dedicated crafters.

Crafting Stations

Set items can’t be crafted at the regular crafting stations located in towns. There are special crafting stations for each of the craftable item sets (1 per faction). The Clothing station, Blacksmithing station and Woodworking station for each item set can be found at the same location. Crafting stations for 8 traits item sets are located in Coldharbour, The Earth Forge and Eyvea but cannot be reached unless you’ve progressed far enough through the main quest line, Fighter’s Guild quest line and Mages Guild quest line, respectively.

>> Click here to see locations for all set crafting stations <<

List of All Crafted Item Sets

Traits Required
AD Location
DC Location
EP Location
Night’s Silence (3)While Hidden, increase Health Regeneration by 40%. 2 Traits Auridon – Hightide Keep Glenumbra – Mesanthano’s Tower Stonefalls – Steamfont Cavern
(5)Adds 5% Weapon Critical.
Ashen Grip (3)10% chance to Breath Fire for X Flame damage on Melee Hits. This can happen once every 4 seconds. 2 Traits Auridon- Beacon Falls Glenumbra – Par Molag Stonefalls – Magmaflow Overlook
(5)Adds X Magicka Recovery.
Death’s Wind (3)If struck by a melee attack while below 25% health, triggers an area of effect knockback. This effect can only happen once every 30 seconds. 2 Traits Auridon- Eastshore Islets Camp Glenumbra – Chill House Stonefalls – Armature’s Upheaval
(5)Adds X Weapon Damage.
Torug’s Pact (3)Adds 100 Armor. 3 Traits Grahtwood – Fisherman’s Isle Stormhaven – Hammerdeath Workshop Deshaan – Lake Hlaalu Retreat
(5)Reduce weapon enchantments internal cooldown by 1 second.
Seducer (3)Reduce cost of spells by 3%. 3 Traits Grahtwood – Temple of the Eight Stormhaven – Fisherman’s Island Deshaan – Berezan’s Mine
(5)Adds X Magicka Recovery.
Twilight’s Embrace (3)When you are healed, gain 10% additional healing. 3 Traits Grahtwood – Vineshade Lodge Stormhaven – Windrige Warehouse Deshaan – Avayan’s Farm
(5)Adds 5% Spell Critical.
Whitestrake’s Retribution (3)If wearers health is below 30%, gain a X Damage shield for 8.1 seconds. This effect can occur no more then once per 10 seconds. 4 Traits Greenshade – Lanalda Pond Rivenspire – Westwind Lighthouse Shadowfen – Weeping Wamasu Falls
(5)Adds X Health Recovery
Hist Bark (3)Adds X Disease Resistance. 4 Traits Greenshade – Rootwatch Tower Rivenspire – Trader’s Rest Shadowfen – Hatchling’s Crown
(5)While Blocking, gain 200 Dodge Rating.
Magnus’ Gift (3)5% Chance to negate the cost of a spell. 4 Traits Greenshade – Arananga Rivenspire – Vaewend Ede Shadowfen – Xal Haj-ei Shrine
(5)Adds X Max Magicka.
Alessia’s Bulwark (3)Adds 100 Armor. 5 Traits Malabal Tor – Chancel of Divine Entreaty Alik’r Desert – Alezer Kotu Eastmarch – Hammerhome
(5)Being damaged by a Melee Attack has a 10% chance to reduce the attacker’s power by 10% for 5 seconds.
Song of Lamae (3)Adds X Health Recovery. 5 Traits Malabal Tor – Sleepy Senche Overlook Alik’r Desert – Rkulftzel Eastmarch – Tinkerer Tobin’s Workshop
(5)When Health drops below 30%, deal X Magic Damage to the attacker and recover health equal to the damage dealt. 30 Second Cooldown
Vampire’s Kiss (3)Killing an opponent increases your health regeneration by 50% for 8 seconds. 5 Traits Malabal Tor – Matthild’s Last Venture Alik’r Desert – Artisan’s Oasis Eastmarch – Crimson Kada’s Crafting Cavern
(5)Adds X Disease Resistance.
Hunding’s Rage (3)Adds X Stamina Recovery. 6 Traits Reaper’s March – Broken Arch Bangkorai – Wether’s Cleft The Rift – Trollslayer Gully
(5)Increase Weapon Damage by X% when using weapon abilities.
Willow’s Path (3)Adds 5% Spell Critical. 6 Traits Reaper’s March – Greenspeaker’s Grove Bangkorai – Viridian Hideaway The Rift – Smokefrost Vigil
(5)During Daytime, increase all regeneration in combat by 20%.
Night Mother’s Gaze (3)Critical attacks also reduce the targets armor by 20% for 5 seconds. 6 Traits Reaper’s March – Old Town Cavern Bangkorai – Silaseli Ruins The Rift – Eldbjorg’s Hideaway
(5)Adds 5% Spell Critical.
Spectre’s Eye (3)Adds X Max Magicka. 8 Traits Coldharbour – Deathspinner’s Lair Coldharbour – Deathspinner’s Lair Coldharbour – Deathspinner’s Lair
(5)Gain 20% dodge chance for 3 sec, after casting a spell that costs Magicka. 6 sec cooldown.
Oblivion’s Foe (3)Adds X Magicka Recovery. 8 Traits Coldharbour – Font of Schemes Coldharbour – Font of Schemes Coldharbour – Font of Schemes
(5)Recover two soul gems when resurrecting a fallen ally. 60 minute cooldown.
Eyes of Mara (3)Adds 80 Spell Resistance. 8 Traits Eyevea (end of Mages Guild quest line) Eyevea (end of Mages Guild quest line) Eyevea (end of Mages Guild quest line)
(5)Reduce the Magicka cost of ability by 3% when wielding a Restoration Staff.
Shalidor’s Curse (3)Adds X Magicka Recovery. 8 Traits Eyevea (end of Mages Guild quest line) Eyevea (end of Mages Guild quest line) Eyevea (end of Mages Guild quest line)
(5)When attacking a target with below 20% Health, gain 15% Health. 30 seconds cooldown.
Kagrenac’s Hope (3)Adds X Stamina Recovery. 8 Traits The Earth Forge (end of Fighters Guild quest line) The Earth Forge (end of Fighters Guild quest line) The Earth Forge (end of Fighters Guild quest line)
(5)Decrease time to resurrect an ally by 25%.
Orgnum’s Scales (3)Adds X Max Health. 8 Traits The Earth Forge (end of Fighters Guild quest line) The Earth Forge (end of Fighters Guild quest line) The Earth Forge (end of Fighters Guild quest line)
(5)If below 50% Health, increase Health Recovery by 50%.
Way of the Arena (3)Adds X Max Health. 8 Traits Craglorn – Lanista’s Waystation Craglorn – Lanista’s Waystation Craglorn – Lanista’s Waystation
(4)Adds X Armor.
(5)Reduce cost of CC Break by 15%.

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