Zenimax Confirms Micro-Transactions at Launch

Dr_Chainsaw March 17, 2014 81 Comments » Share

So what exactly is a “micro-transaction?”  I use that term instead of the dreaded “Cash shop,” since that has such a negative stigma attatched to it.  It is simply something that players will be able to purchase with real life money instead of in-game gold.

In an article with ZAM, TESO Game Director Matt Firor confirmed there will be micro-transactions available to all players at the launch of The Elder Scrolls: Online:

“The purpose of the store is to offer interested players a variety of additional services. At launch we’re going to have two items: the ability to upgrade to the Imperial Edition, and an entry level horse (Palomino colored). The horse you get in both purchases is functionally the same, but the Imperial Edition is the only way to ever get the White horse. We have the Palomino horse available to allow players to purchase a basic mount without purchasing the entire Imperial Edition”


Obviously, this is causing a huge uproar.  There are chants of “pay to win!” and “ESO is already admitting defeat!”  But rest assured, this is merely a time-saver for players that do not mind dishing out an extra five dollars or so for a horse; or for the money conscious that want a white horse at the start of the game, but don’t want to dish out an extra $20 for other imperial edition perks they do not necessarily want.

The most important thing is that horses are available to all players at level one.  Sure, they are much more expensive, but there is no definitive perk to having a horse at level 1 or waiting to acquire the money to get one at level 15 or 20, aside from moving a measly 15% faster.

Want to hear more on this topic?  Be sure to check out the TESOElite Podcast on Tuesday, March 18 at 9:00 PM EST on Twitch.tv/TESOElite where we will take some time discussing these micro-transactions and the overall affect of it on the game!


  1. BMATHUNTER March 22, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    what your stating only proves that spending more money gives you an in game boost. the argument is about these items being PTW. people are upset with zenimax already showing their intentions by charging players for stuff that will be a benefit in the beginning of the game…its give u an edge..thats all

    [DOUBLEPOST=1395506423][/DOUBLEPOST]The PTW argument is really not valid at all. The game is designed to do so many diverse things that its a challenge to the individual. Having a mount at the beginning or Mara rings for gained xp may level faster sure. But the game isn't designed to win like a single phased, lineal game like D3. Its an experience through its parts. If folks want rare items such as mounts and vanity pets and that's there focus, then let them spend cash. Who cares. For those who don't care about such things, let them keep their cash. In playing all the betas I found so much to do with exploration, crafting and group battles, that I cant imagine just flat out leveling through the game myself. But some will. let them spend their cash to enjoy the game as they like…you enjoy it as you like and so on.

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