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As promised, the time has come for our first contest. Since the game’s launch date has been pushed “slightly”, there’s no better way to keep you guys plugged in the ESO Universe than a series of contests, right?

We have 3 awesome prizes to give out for our 3 lucky winners:

- 1st and 2nd place: 2 x Elder Scrolls Online Fray Lithograph worth $40 each
- 3rd place: a limited edition PAX ESO T-Shirt (size: US – XL) – the winner of the T-Shirt needs to choose a faction

The topic of our first contest is Show your faction pride. As the name suggests, you need to show us why you love your faction or why you’re so damn proud of it, in the comments down below. You can submit a small article, a short story, fan art, video or maybe just some random rant about your awesome faction. Once you’ve added that comment, you can enter the contest using the form below.

How To Enter:

  • Leave your submission in the comment section below.  Your submission can be any form of media (Youtube, Audio, Written Article, Roleplay, Artwork, etc..) that represents pride for your faction.  An example could be a story of a Khajiit being victorious over a Nord, an image of a Khajiit standing over the corpse of the Nord.
  • Like us on Facebook (using the widget below) for additional entries (optional)
  • Like us on Twitter (using the widget below) for additional entries (optional)

Choosing a Winner:

The winner will be chosen randomly via Random.org.  Only the top 15 entries with the most points will be placed into Random.org.

How To Earn Points

- your “Show your faction pride” comment (mandatory+10 points
- tweet about our contest (optional) +1 point (can be done daily, earning 1 point per day)
- like our Facebook page (optional) +2 points
- follow us on Twitter (optional) +2 points

Good luck!

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Update: The contest has ended and the winners have been announced here


  1. oBKidd March 12, 2014 at 8:26 pm

    Aldmeri Dominion All the way. Way better starting zone and more Vista to gameplay. Hands down

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